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Robin has enjoyed working in many industries before settling on writing as a career. She began as a Network Specialist for a large advertising agency in Chicago. During her years there, she learned about many aspects of the advertising world and had the opportunity to work with brilliant advertisers and marketers who inspired her love for the business. She has also worked for the Colorado Press Service and helped a small start-up marketing firm in central Nebraska on their journey toward the award-winning national company they are today.

Robin's experience ranges from marketing and advertising to accounting and administrative tasks. She also has several years experience in the property management and construction industry and is well-versed in the language of rental maintenance, new home construction, and the various steps of buying and selling a home.

Today, Robin is a dedicated writer who is committed to giving her clients the best of her experiences. She relishes the opportunity to learn something new and finds joy in researching for anything she is writing.


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Writing blog posts for company blogs are Robin's bread and butter. She loves delving into a range of topics, reading up on the client's website to find their voice, and producing great posts that are both interesting and keyword focused.

Industry Projects

  • Marketing100+
  • Real Estate50+
  • Appliance20+
  • Kids/Family20+
  • Green Living20+
  • Career20+

Summary of Industry Experience


Robin has worked for several marketing and advertising agencies in the past and understands well how to work with the needs of various clients in a multitude of industries. She has taken a special interest in the area of inbound marketing and is even HubSpot Inbound Certified. From attracting new readers and visitors with fresh and engaging content to converting new leads with the right calls-to-action and landing pages, she believes that inbound is an essential part of any marketing package and can help your clients understand the same.

Real Estate

Robin has provided content for several real estate companies that represent both buyers/sellers and rental communities. From luxury condominium rentals to agent blogs, finding ways to incorporate hyperlocal, local, and regional keywords into interesting pieces that draw readers in is a specialty of Robin's.


Robin has written many articles about appliance maintenance and repair. As a homeowner herself, she's very aware of what types of problems people run into and what solutions they are turning to the web to find. From stoves to HVAC to washing machines, Robin has investigated them all and helped people solve their problems while providing interesting content that's far from a boring user manual. Whether you're looking for DIY solutions for readers or how to know when to call in a pro, Robin has your content covered.


Robin likes to write articles about things kids like to do, ways to keep kids safe around the home, and how to do common activities with children such as traveling, moving and road trips. She also likes to write about children's nutrition and food articles for the entire family. Much of her work has been geared towards natural living and ways to be green around the home as keeping an environmentally friendly home is a personal commitment.

Green Living

Robin has written many pieces across a broad range of green living topics. This includes articles about reducing chemicals around the home, various ways to reduce energy consumption, various ways to reduce water, and reducing pollution. Topics also include ways to reuse and repurpose items around the home, eating organic, gardening, and more.


Having worked for a recruitment advertising agency in the past, Robin has a unique perspective of this industry. She knows what employers are trying to convey to potential candidates and she knows what these applicants need to do to get their names in front of the right people. She can offer advice on polishing resumes, making connections, and maintaining an excellent online presence so people can land the interview they are looking for. Then, once the job is landed she can provide perspectives on the best ways to move ahead and keep a healthy career moving forward.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post500+
  • Article100+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Writing blog posts for company blogs are Robin's bread and butter. She loves delving into a range of topics, reading up on the client's website to find their voice, and producing great posts that are both interesting and keyword focused.


Robin has written many articles for clients, many of them end up being multi-functional as they are first published as blog posts and then archived as reference articles, used as newsletter content, or distributed in other marketing materials.

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