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Matthew has wide-ranging experience with many forms of writing.

He writes creatively at his personal blog, possesses a technical writing certification, and can inform an audience through well researched articles.

He is also a highly proficient editor, a skill he uses everyday at work to proof the blogs he manages.

He believes that no subject or topic is outside of his ability. With proper care, attention, and research, he can deliver compelling and insightful content no matter the industry.


Matthew specializes in adapting complex and technical subjects into engaging and entertaining content without sacrificing the integrity of the technical information.

He is also well-versed on the principles of SEO.

In his current job, he is responsible for managing over 250 blog posts a month. You could say he has some experience with blogging.


In his free time, Matthew enjoys reading science fiction and fantasy novels, playing strategy games, creative writing on his blog, and spending time with his fiance and two dogs. He also likes to stay current on world news and ensures that he learns at least one new thing each day.


University of North Texas

Matthew graduated the University of North Texas with honors; his coursework in the English program refined his writing through rigorous assignments and thorough lessons.


10 Projects Completed

During his time as a web content writer, Matthew wrote for many websites, including appliance repair businesses.


3 Projects Completed

Matthew has experience writing in the legal field, drafting pages of content for attorney websites on topics such as personal injury, criminal litigation, and traffic violations, among more.


2 Projects Completed

Besides the fact that Matthew is an avid, lifelong gamer, he also wrote some pieces for

He likes to stay current on gaming news, especially for strategy, RPG, and indie titles.


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