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Patrick has an eclectic writing background in fields ranging from legal, fitness & wellness, formal business, technical writing, to information technology.

As a QA specialist, Patrick tested software development, updates, and changes. In addition to reviewing and revising documentation, he beta tested new product applications.

While he was a marketing and communications assistant, he worked on campaigns in various capacities. This included, copy writing, website development, updates, and graphic design.

Patrick is a certified personal trainer and lifestyle management consultant. He has designed and implemented fitness & wellness programs for people, and businesses.

When working as a legal assistant, Patrick was responsible for drafting pleadings and briefs. He also performed pretrial preparation and conducted legal research in civil, criminal, business and bankruptcy matters.


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Industry Projects

  • Fitness10+
  • Technology10+

Summary of Industry Experience


Patrick is certified personal trainer and lifestyle management consultant. In addition to designing and implemented fitness & wellness programs he has written various fitness related articles.


Patrick was responsible for in-house technical writing in several phases of software development. He was primarily involved in documentation surrounding the implementation, testing, deployment, and maintenance phases.

Product Projects

  • Article10+
  • Web Page5
  • Blog Post4
  • Facebook Post4

Summary of Product Experience


Patrick has published articles on several websites. They primarily focused on fitness and wellness. Additional topics have included business and technology.

Web Page

Patrick has drafted modular web pages sections, such as FAQ and mission statements, as well as complete web sites.

Blog Post

The majority of blog posts were written in support of fitness and wellness websites. Patrick has also written blogs in related to technology, politics and critical thinking.

Facebook Post

Patrick authored Facebook posts in supports of business campaigns and sales drives. He published the posts on Facebook business and fan pages.

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