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Patti P. has a BA in Journalism with a concentration in Public Relations from Memphis State University (now University of Memphis). She followed that with a 12-year career in corporate communications, all with a Fortune 500 company. Her projects there included: articles for the company magazine, daily communications with retail employees, executive speeches and presentations, instructional manuals, technical manuals, audio and video scripts, instructional design and delivery, and change management/process development. Her specialty was figuring out what company executives were really trying to say and writing it so clearly and concisely that it could not be misunderstood. Even though she eventually progressed to editing and management, she always kept that niche active. She was recognized with a "Starters Award" for launching an audio program that helped senior operations executives communicate with retail employees in a casual, conversational manner.

Patti P. is a meticulous writer with a natural feel for all aspects of grammar, punctuation, parallel structure, tone and flow. Given a sample document from a client, she can easily mimic the style, tone and voice, which allows her to write for a wide variety of markets and audiences.

In 2002, Patti P. left her job to become a stay-at-home mom. Now that all of her children are in school, she is excited to be relaunching her writing career, this time as a freelance writer. She operates three blogs and writes for several content sites.


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During her 12-year career with AutoZone, the nation's leading automotive aftermarket retailer, Patti P. wrote numerous career development materials. These included technical manuals, training manuals, training courses, management and leadership courses, and change management aids. She was recognized with a Starters Club award for launching a new program that helped senior operations executives communicate with store employees in a casual, conversational manner.


Both bylined and white-labeled content exploring numerous facets of content marketing.

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