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Jessica H. is a freelance writer from Northwestern Pennsylvania. She concentrated on business-related courses through high school, completing four years of Computer Applications as well as taking two years of Accounting and several word-processing and database classes. She is experienced with the programs in the Microsoft Office suite as well as other popular office software.

After spending a summer managing the horsemanship program at a local camp, Jessica H. started in the manufacturing industry. She worked with various processes of sheet-steel fabrication including resistance welding, applying braze alloy, painting, and powder coating. She also has extensive experience with the assembly of materials ranging from foam and plastic to stainless-steel alloys like Hastelloy. She has also worked in shipping and receiving.

Jessica H. also has experience working in the food-service area of a big-box retail store. She worked in both the deli and the meat department and was responsible for filling out food-safety logs and holding temperature sheets. In addition, she maintained proper stock rotation and is familiar with proper safe-handling procedures for refrigerated merchandise.

While she always enjoyed writing as a hobby, last year Jessica H. decided to turn her love for the written word into her profession. Since that time she has written hundreds of blog posts, articles, and product descriptions for both content platforms and private clients. She believes that creating compelling content is important for getting products noticed. She also believes communicating with customers is essential so that she can exceed their expectations and will do whatever is necessary to create quality content.


When she's not busy writing or taking care of her family, Jessica H. spends her time reading or watching TV. She enjoys many types of literature, but especially likes reading science fiction. She also enjoys watching classic horror movies and is well versed in old television shows and movies.


Corry Jr. Sr. High School

Jessica concentrated on business-related courses through high school, taking many word processing and database classes, accounting, and business math. She was also in advanced classes for English and Biology.


10 Projects Completed

As a mother of two children, Jessica H. has had hands on experience with children and parenting. She has written blog posts and articles dealing with her older child's struggles being on the Autism spectrum, and has also written advice articles on a range of topics from dealing with children years apart in age, to saving money through things like cloth diapering.


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