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Rene is an accomplished freelance writer who earned a bachelor's degree in Web Design and Multimedia at Westwood College. Over the last five years, she has written hundreds of articles and several ebooks for a variety of clients. Her primary goal is to provide clients with valuable, quality content that their readers will enjoy. Her love of research and discovering new information has allowed her to write on a wide range of different topics. Although she has dabbled in many different niches, she considers herself an expert in the subjects of SEO, health and travel.

Before discovering her passion for writing, Rene began her career performing web design and SEO services. In addition, she also took a liking to affiliate marketing and blogging. Through trial, error and plenty of research, she was able to improve the rankings of her blogs and increase her readership. Creating detailed and engaging blog posts was ultimately what helped drive more traffic to her posts. It was here that she discovered her love for writing and joy of sharing information with others. Her knowledge of SEO and success with Internet marketing makes her an ideal candidate for creating engaging content for other bloggers and business professionals.

While studying at Westwood College, Rene excelled in the many English and writing courses she was assigned to. In fact, Language Arts was always her best subject in school. Although she prefers to write in a conversational manner, she is quite capable of writing technical articles that require in-depth research and a professional tone. She prefers a good challenge and enjoys researching new topics. No matter the subject at hand, she is confident that she can produce a well-written, unique and informative article within the given deadline.
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In addition to writing, Rene also enjoys traveling, learning languages and studying world history. She also happens to be an avid animal lover and is the proud owner of two dogs and one cat.


Westwood College

Rene earned a bachelor or science in Web Design & Multimedia at Westwood College. In addition to web design and development theories, she took several courses on SEO and content creation.


250 Projects Completed

Rene E. has written more than two hundred health-related articles for multiple clients. From informative articles on diseases and treatments to the mental health benefits of meditation and yoga, she has created content on a wide range of subjects in the health industry. One particular client requested a dozen articles related to rare sexually transmitted diseases and their treatment options.

Search Marketing

165 Projects Completed

In addition to having first-hand experience with search marketing, Rene E. has written several pieces of content for clients on this lucrative topic. This includes articles focused on search engine optimization, social media marketing, banner advertising and PPC campaigns. She understands the importance of SEO and how it affects the performance of a business in today's digital world.


80 Projects Completed

Rene E. has written several legal articles on a wide range of different topics. However, her primary focus has been on personal injury law and personal injury lawyers. She has worked with several lawyers to create engaging and information-rich articles that define what personal injury law encompasses and the duties of a personal injury lawyer. In addition, she has also written several how-to articles on law-related careers, including the paralegal profession.


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