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Matthew earned his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at the University of Central Florida. He also took courses on philosophy, economics, and technical writing. Since 2008, he has been writing articles for a number of clients in technical areas and elsewhere. He specializes in technical topics including mobile and traditional operating systems, programming languages, virtualization, and the burgeoning cloud paradigms. He seeks to distill complex ideas into simple concepts and to explain the importance of new technology. He has also written in a wide range of other fields and prides himself on his ability to thoroughly research new topics and deliver top-notch content.
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Matthew has experience writing white papers covering technical concepts for non-technical managers and other employees. He has also written documents teaching new users to use sophisticated applications. He has helped companies develop internal documentation guiding their mobile software development.


Matthew continues to write programs as a hobby, and some of his programs are available in the Android Play Store. He has a particular interest in learning new languages. An avid Florida Gator, Orlando Magic, and Miami Marlins fan, Matthew keeps up with sports news regularly. He also has an interest in the intersection between politics and economics. As a skeptic, he tries to find original research that backs or refutes specific claims.


University of Central Florida

Matthew earned a computer science bachelor's degree and took additional courses in philosophy and economics while attending the University of Central Florida on a National Merit scholarship. He was active in the honors program while in attendance.

Web Development

500 Projects Completed

Matthew has written extensively on programming languages and how budding Web developers can improve their skills. He places an emphasis on maintainable techniques and finding ways to develop a strong understanding of online development paradigms. He also seeks to clarify the overriding concepts common to most Web-based projects and new cloud installations.


350 Projects Completed

Matthew helps companies choose the right software for their needs and helps set up both simple and complex systems. He also has extensive experience with writing about choosing which software is best for specific needs. By highlighting the benefits and drawbacks of candidate programs, he hopes to help individuals and companies avoid common pitfalls.


200 Projects Completed

Matthew's main focus in marketing is creating a strong, consistent brand appropriate for modern marketing. He understands the importance of leveraging the power of the Internet to create and reinforce branding that can establish a growing, sustainable customer base. Between graphical elements, text content, and appropriate advertising campaigns, online marketing is often the cornerstone of successful marketing; Matthew seeks to share this information in an accurate, helpful manner.

Blog Post

700 Projects Completed

Matthew has extensive experience writing blog posts for sites covering an array of topics, most technical in nature. He seeks to uncover trending ideas and areas for growth and uses this information to help his clients uncover ways to improve their outreach and post content that will remain grow organically.

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