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Glen W. has broad experience in an equally broad range of interests, all accumulated over a sixty-five year span. As a young boy he worked in the field harvesting hops, and picking and selling blackberries door to door. By the eighth grade he had added working at the local swimming pool, delivering a paper route, and setting pins at a bowling alley. By the time Glen graduated from high school he had spent two summers working for a local farmer, six days a week, twelve hours a day. This work involved irrigation, bucking hay and operating farm equipment.

After high school he began his long career in engineering, starting as a tool engineering drafting trainee and continuing through mechanical engineer of marine elevators, and technical specialist of R&D tooling for advanced aircraft.

Glen had always looked into the ministry and during the 1970s he gained thirty semester house training for the linguistic ministry, and spent two years on the field in Sierra Leone, West Africa.

In 1999 Glen W. received his BA degree in Total Quality Management, from Friends University in Wichita, Kansas.

Before retirement Glen worked as a floor salesman in a home improvement center, selling the full line, but was in charge of the electrical department. He used his long interest in woodworking to obtain a position as sawyer for an exotic hardwood yard, selling wood and crafting customer orders for entry doors, table tops, bed headboards, footstools, drawer fronts, and other assorted items.

Now, into his seventies, Glen W. has slowed to working only two days a week, driving cars for a rent-a-car company and enjoying the desert scenery and passing trains in Southwest Arizona.
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Make regular posts, including photos and videos, to my blog site. International readership of over 1,200 per month.


Glen W. blogs on a regular basis, writes unique content for articles, and is exploring ghost writing.

His long career in engineering, and an inquiring mind, has prepared him to both understand and explain the complex technical dialog for reports and processes.

His deep interest in various forms and styles of music, a passion for the piano and its workings, is matched with a love of wood and woodworking, model railroading and model building.


Glen W. finds his life, and the people in it, to be a source of interesting questions, who, what, where, when and why.

Over the years he has recreated in vocal and instrumental music, especially the piano, and the audio reproduction through vacuum tube amplifiers and special loudspeakers.

Woodworking is another of his life-long interests that ebbs and flows from time to time.

Model railroading and model building are prime subjects of interest today. He blogs about both and participates as an active member of a small club.


Friends University, Wichita, Kansas.

Glen W. was able to take advantage of the degree completion program offered by Friends University and supported by the Boeing Airplane Company, that allowed for receiving credit hours for life experiences and writing papers to present his understanding of the subjects.


5 Projects Completed

1) Accumulated engineering catalogs, periodicals and books to produce the companies first library. Developed and printed a listing of the contents for ease of locating.

2) Wrote and illustrated a processing plan for drying solid fuel rocket segments for Titan III boosters.

3) Prepared and printed a presentation package for the Japanese customers of the F-18 fighter.

4) Performed a material investigation for alternative materials to very expensive tooling material, and wrote a detailed report of suitabilities, including costs and machinability, and comparing sources of the material.

5) Developed the curriculum for a two week orientation course for new-hire engineers. Located and obtained classroom space and equipment, before teaching the class four sessions.

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2 Projects Completed

Make regular posts, including photos and videos, to my blog site. International readership of over 1,200 per month.

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