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Jeecole earned her Bachelor's of Arts Degree in Chemistry with a Concentration in Scientific Writing at San Jose State University in San Jose. She received an Associates of Applied Sciences in Paralegal at Heald College in Milpitas in October 2013. She has created numerous scientific articles and a few legal documents for a myriad of clients. For two years, she had been an academic writer, focusing on a variety of topics. She is currently a legal writer/researcher who create legal documents and articles. As a legal writer/researcher, she hopes to create engaging, but useful content that readers will truly appreciate.


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Jeecole is currently an independent paralegal researcher. She currently creates high-quality legal documents for new and repeat clients based on online research gathered from Westlaw and WestlawNext and has
identifies information in case laws and statutes relevant to legal documents. drafted over 20 articles for clients. (Average length: 500 words.)

During her tenure as an academic writer, she has done legal writing projects. One such project was a Plaintiff's Opposition to a Defendant's Motion to Dismiss. Another was Case Law Report for a client overseas.

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Blog Post

Between January and July 2014 and January and March 2015, Jeecole has written blogs for various law firms through another freelance website. Many of these articles are an average length of 500 words. Jeecole used keyword searches on the Internet to find information for these articles.


Between August and September 2014, Jeecole wrote forty-eight articles dealing with certain legal issues. Twenty-four of them tackled personal injury law and criminal defense in Virginia. The remaining twenty-four discussed certain legal matters, such as auto accidents, in Denver, Colorado.

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