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Mike W. has a Bachelor of Arts in English, a Master of Arts in Teaching, and a Master of Business Administration. He has been published in numerous magazines and on many websites. He is quite proficient in the language arts.

Mike W. writes fiction and non-fiction. Some of his most well known pieces have been humorous anecdotes from his life. He has also had short stories published in literary magazines. He is a professional writer who loves to write in a conversational style but is quite capable of writing in a professional manner.

Mike has been happily married for close to 20 years. He has a teenage daughter. He loves to write about them and has been known to provide plenty of advice in being in a happy family.

Mike loves his family. He enjoys playing video games, watching movies, and reading books. He also loves writing.
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Mike W. specializes in humorous anecdotes, editorials, reviews, fiction, poetry and advice.


Mike enjoys writing, playing video games, watching movies, and reading books. His favorite movie is Shawshank Redemption. His favorite authors are Patrick Rothfuss, Kevin Hearne, and Terry Goodkind. His current video game is Minecraft because he loves to create things.


East St. John High School

Mike W. Spent his teenage years at this school.

Southeastern Louisiana University

Mike W. spent a longer time here than expected. He always wanted to learn something new, so he changed majors multiple times. He took classes based on radio broadcasting, journalism, computer science, and English. He completed his degree with a minor in Creative Writing.

Morehead State University

Mike W. received a final GPA of 4.0 when he graduated from his degree in teaching. He also earned a certificate stating that he had scored in the top 15% of all students who had taken the Praxis Principles of Learning and Teaching test.

University of Phoenix

Mike W. already owned his own freelance and design business. He wanted to be able to make it better and learn more about how to run it. He graduated with a 3.5 GPA.


60 Projects Completed

Mike writes many humorous anecdotes. He is most known for his ability to craft a scene visually and then make the reader laugh.


20 Projects Completed

Mike has written many articles and essays on the topic of education, including a research proposal on using humor in the classroom and a curriculum framework for a class on comedy in high school.


20 Projects Completed

Mike has been asked many times how he is in such a loving and happy marriage. He gives out this advice in many of his articles.

Blog Post

200 Projects Completed

Blog posts and anecdotal writing are what Mike is truly good at. He loves writing them. He loves being able to tell a story about something that happened in real life in such a way that people enjoy the story being told. He's quite known for also narrating these stories on other platforms.


100 Projects Completed

Mike has written many articles for many people. He has only had a complaint once. He knows APA, MLA, etc. He can write any kind of article because he's excellent at research.

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