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A professional writer and editor, the author has experience writing in multiple fields including extensive science writing, medical, ghost writing (specifically memoir), and environmental. Extensive SEO knowledge and industry experience - this author has been writing for companies all across America as well as personal articles for such places as opensalon.com and Yahoo.com. Long term personal experience with HR and non-profits.


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Humorous articles written for multiple resources including literary magazines and journals, Yahoo Voices, and Elance.

Industry Projects

  • Green Living20+
  • Medical20+
  • Office20+
  • Women10+
  • Non Profit10+
  • Humor10+

Summary of Industry Experience

Green Living

Coordinator - Environmental Training - Planned, developed and implemented training programs for environmental professionals, including budgeting, marketing, hiring instructors, preparation of training materials, scheduling, etc. Responsible for over 50 courses per year, including online courses. Implemented 9 new computer courses from marketing to participant applications and procedures. Assisted with conferences and institutes, including verification of contractual procedures, onsite coordination, etc.


Coordinator - Submitted grants, assisted faculty with budgeting, grant work

Recent - articles for the Jupiter Project, California Company.

Elance articles for many difference clients - rated 5 out of 5


Twenty-five years of on-the-job training as administrator at major university. Multiple training programs, extensive experience and training in HR processes.


Multiple articles for Elance, Project Jupiter, and Yahoo Voices.

Non Profit

During career at major US university, assisted with many grant applications, non-profit set-ups, etc.

President and Founder of Writers Alliance - Created Mission Statement and bylaws, successfully applied for Florida non-profit - completed application for Federal non-profit - awaiting final approval.


Humorous articles written for multiple resources including literary magazines and journals, Yahoo Voices, and Elance.

Product Projects

  • Book1

Summary of Product Experience


Memoir on cancer experience. Included solid information for both patients and caregivers including extensive list of available resources.

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