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Barbie K. has a passion for writing about all things related to entertainment, family and fashion. She holds a Bachelors of Science in Child and Adolescent Studies, has spent over 10 years caring from young children and has written numerous articles on all things kid related. Along with her child and family background, Barbie K. is an avid reader and writer of entertainment news. The world loves a juicy story and she knows how to create one. Fashion has also been an interest of Barbie K.'s and she has provided content for popular fashion websites using her strong SEO skills. As a professional writer and content specialist she has also used social media platforms to promote her work, which has brought her over 10K followers and growing!


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Barbie K. has written over 300 entertainment news articles and has amassed a following of 10K across social media platforms. Recognized as an expert and authority in her pinpointed topic, she has consistently provided factual and interesting content for multiple entertainment outlets.


Fashion and beauty trends seem to change daily and Barbie K. keeps women in-the-know about the newest and greatest in the industry. She writes using her SEO skills to bring in readers and help content stay accessible by search engines.

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