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Jeremy L. earned his Bachelor's Degree in Nuclear Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley. While attending the university, he contributed to several research papers. After graduating, he worked as a contractor for the US Navy, writing documents that directed nuclear work, as well as reports on any problems that were found as the work was being executed. He also wrote Material Safety Data Sheets for new chemical products that were introduced on site, and helped update safety documents. He also reviewed and edited those documents that were written by his coworkers, making sure they were both concise and clear.

His next job was working for an electronic medical record software company, solving technical issues for many hospitals. In this role he wrote several documents explaining and providing directions on what the software does, how to configure it, and how to use it to its highest potential. He has also reviewed customers use of the software, writing reports for upper management on areas they can improve in the use of the software. He has experience working with and writing for software analysts, doctors, and other medical professionals in this role.

Additionally, he has run his personal blog for a few years, writing on a variety of topics including current events, books, and movies. His interests include sports, current events, technology, and history. He is excited to learn and write about these subjects and any others that come up. He strives to make his writing appealing and accessible. His experience has shown that when writing for technical subjects, clarity is key. There's no reason something complex can't be made understandable to a wide audience!


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Jeremy L's Gaming Industry Experience

1 Projects Completed

Jeremy L. has an avid interest in games, and has written news articles about upcoming games and their features. He keeps up with the latest gaming news, and loves going back and playing retro games.

Industry Projects

  • Auto20+
  • Sports10+
  • Travel10+
  • Health10+
  • Technology7
  • Real Estate6
  • Fitness5
  • Entertainment4
  • Politics3
  • Garden1
  • Gaming1

Summary of Industry Experience


Jeremy L. has worked with a number of clients to write about all aspects of the auto industry. He has worked on describing industry trends, blog posts for individual dealerships about their offers, articles on car repair, and model comparisons and reviews.


Jeremy L. is an avid sports fan who follows (american) football, basketball, soccer, and tennis. He has in depth knowledge about these sports, and has written pieces analyzing the match ups between teams and players.


Jeremy has written extensively about hotels and hotel management chains all over the world, describing their accommodations and what makes them unique among their competitors.


Jeremy L. has written several articles on health, spanning all aspects from disease risk factors, to diet, and to dental health tips.


Jeremy has written extensively about many areas of technology, including the solar industry, the nuclear industry, and IT technologies. He also has experience working for a software company, writing technical documents to help healthcare organizations use their software effectively.

Real Estate

Jeremy L. has written informational articles about real estate, focusing on what to look for, and what to avoid on the financial side of looking for a home, and how to look for deals. He has also written articles describing different local highlights.


Jeremy L. has years of experience in many fitness related activities. He has lifted weights for several years, doing both powerlifting and olympic lifts, and has trained for running races as well. He knows a variety of programs for both strength and cardio workouts.


Jeremy has written several book and movie reviews, as well as more in depth analysis on his blog. In each he seeks to provide insight into the work, and provide a balanced critique of the author or movie maker. He has also worked on projects to provide short biographies of various entertainers, summarizing their lives and accomplishments.


Jeremy L. has written summary articles for many clients, taking the main points and presenting them in a concise way.


Jeremy L. has written articles for clients providing basic information on plants, such the conditions they best grow in, and how they can be used in the garden.


Jeremy L. has an avid interest in games, and has written news articles about upcoming games and their features. He keeps up with the latest gaming news, and loves going back and playing retro games.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post100+
  • Press Release10+

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Jeremy L. has written a number of blog posts for clients. He makes sure to take complex issues and relate ideas and points in a readable, enjoyable format. He writes with an informal and clean tone, and makes sure that SEO keywords fit naturally into the piece.

Press Release

Jeremy L. has written press releases for many small businesses. He keeps his pieces professional and to the point.

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