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Becoming a Freelance writer was something I never though existed until I found a blog online listing a ton of websites. The websites that where listed allows freelance writers to accept articles and get paid for them. It was not until Early 2011, when I actually started writing articles for clients. As time went on I wanted a little more for myself which turned out for the worst.

Late 2012, I decided to pursue my Associates Degree in Accounting, 6 months into reaching my graduation date, I lost my job which lead me to reconfigure my goals. By June 2013, I decided to restart writing articles, blogs, and short stories for many clients. I do not have any preferences on what topics to write about due to the fact I can write about various of things including health, family, business, beauty, education, etc.

Since I have begun writing, the second time around, I find myself becoming more passionate about writing everyday. As a professional, I always take into consideration that my clients are what's keeping my articles going, therefore I put my all into what I write. However, I do get tasks done before the deadline and rarely do I have to edit submitted tasks. I also take into consideration, that all work submitted by me represents me. So, in order to ensure that I have clients coming back to me I always make sure that my articles are interesting, yet sweet and simple.

It is fairly easy to write articles pertaining to beauty. This is due to the reason of having a ton of things to sub-catergories to write about. Some of the most poplar sub-topics are types of makeup, how to apply makeup, and where to buy a specific brand of makeup.



Even though Crystal Finley loves to write different kinds of material from different genres/categories, she find the most interesting topic to be Health.


The main interest I have is writing blogs, articles, poetry, and short stories. Other interests I have are reading, cooking and listening to classical music.


Howard School of Academics and Technology

As a high school freshmen, Crystal Finley became an active member of the HSAT marching 100 band. She learned how to play the saxophone on her own as well as being able to become the Drum Majorette as a Senior. Crystal Finley Graduated in the top 20 percent of her class and receive a full school ship to any college of her choice, but her plans were altered leaving her to go to college later.

American Intercontinental University

Crystal Finley felt the need to higher education in August of 2012, so she decided to find a college in which her job would help her with tuition. After long a long search she found AIU. Although Crystal Finley did not finish her courses due to being laid off, she decided to start freelancing writing. Freelance writing is something she is one of her strengths and something she enjoy as well.


50 Projects Completed

When it comes to writing about Beauty it is fairly easy to accomplish completion due to the many reason of having more than one thing to talk about i.e makeup, polish and hair. Crystal has over 1 year experience and has written for 20 plus articles and blogs for clients in this area. She not only looks for ways to grab the reader's attention but focus on ways to keep their attention.


46 Projects Completed

For most businessmen and women it is vital to have access to free information on how to successfully create a highly effective marketing strategy. When it comes to espertise in this field, Crystal has adquate knowldge of in this area due to the fact that she had completed two courses with A+ in business her first year and only year in college.


33 Projects Completed

Education is vital part of human kind, therefore when it comes to talking about what's going on in this area, Crystal has the experience. The writing experience and knowledge in which she entails comes from college courses as well as being able to obtain a position in the Pre-K. She has been writing articles in this filed of a little over six months and has never had an article rejected and rarely returned due to poor grammar or missed spelled words.


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