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Tony C has a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and a Bachelor of Science in Contemporary Music Studies from the State University of New York of New Paltz. He has writing experience in a number of fields including academic and copywriting. He has worked as a social media specialist in a top level digital marketing agency, creating content and doing promotional work for clients such as Billboard, and The Nest/Wedding Channel among many others.

His academic work has covered topics across an array of disciplines. He has written papers that revisited the past of notable musicians, analyzed works of literature and tackled the positions of established philosophers. In addition to a large variety of creative writing classes, he has taken classes in writing for music and writing for publishing.

As a freelance content writer, Tony C has created articles for a wide range of subjects including health, technology, education and music. His passion for research is refined by the skills gained from his academic and professional work. Tony C is just as comfortable writing objectively with concise prose as he is writing in a more casual tone. He has created numerous quick tips and in-depth articles for his clients.

Some of Tony's other specialties include HTML, Java and web design. His broad set of interests is indicative of the
readiness with which he embraces new subjects. Tony's experience and his commitment to knowing the industries
that he writes for can help you to create the content you need.
Search Marketing


Tony specializes in articles that aim to give the reader new knowledge. This includes giving beginners an introduction to a topic as well as providing experienced readers with a new take on the subject. His academic experience makes him adept at writing more formal and in-depth pieces such as white papers. Additionally, he has written a number of product descriptions and short summaries.


While working for a top digital marketing agency Tony created content for clients in a number of industries. He has a wide ranging knowledge of music including history, theory and the guitar. Tony has HTML, CSS and Java skills along with a dedicated interest in web design and development.


State University Of New York At New Paltz

While studying for his BA in Creative Writing, Tony analyzed works of literature and took classes on a large number of writing styles. His coursework included writing short stories and poetry as well as in-depth research papers.

In the Contemporary Music Studies program, Tony studied jazz, classical and pop styles. His chief instrument was the guitar. He performed in small ensembles both in and out of class. The diverse program covered writing for music, electronic music, improvisation and music theory.

Tony's electives covered a broad range of subjects. He has taken classes in website development, philosophy and science.


25 Projects Completed

Tony has a bachelor's degree in Contemporary Music Studies with a specialty in jazz guitar. He has played for guitar for eight years and also is an adept piano player. He has performed in a variety of jazz idioms He has written music lessons and in-depth articles on guitars and amplifiers.


20 Projects Completed

Tony has written articles covering some of the latest trends in technology. He has covered conventions, smartphones and computer. In addition to describing recent technology news in his articles, Tony also theorizes about the industry's evolution. He can simultaneously provide the perspective of a creative professional, a power user and the average consumer.

Search Marketing

20 Projects Completed

Tony has worked in the search marketing industry as a social media specialist. He has created content to promote a large variety of clients. He has written a number of how-to guides detailing some of the latest developments in search marketing. Some of the topics of his previous articles include the importance of Google Plus and local search for marketing.


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