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Superior has earned her Bachelor's Degree in Communication. She has written several articles, blog post, and other sources for a number of clients. She has been a freelancer, writing articles about diabetes, dieting, finances, education, gambling, rehabilitation, natural remedies, home installation and many other miscellaneous topics.

Currently, she works as a Web Content Writer, writing in the field of health, technology, business, finance, law, internet, beauty, automobiles, education, music, logistic, plants, current events, games and many more. As an experienced writer, she continues to branch into writing content on other diverse subjects. She currently holds outstanding credibility and ratings from her contemporary clientele and looks forward to working with a number of others.

Over time, she has written in greater competence while demonstrating her extraordinary skills. As a ghostwriter, she has written several SEO articles, in order to drive traffic and improve search engine rankings for various clients. As a result, she has received direct orders from clients, for her excellent writing ability, that has gone published on to the internet and other outlets. She has known how to write for several years and has developed a passion for doing so. Her philosophy is to write on a comfortable level, but also don't be afraid of a challenge. She goes on to state that one becomes a more proficient writer by writing on the most complex topics.

She also states that the greatest writers all had to start somewhere to make it a goal to move beyond the boundaries. One of her greatest achievements is writing on each and every article while learning about detail resources on the subject matter.
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Superior specializes in creative writing as well as in environmental health studies, nutrition, fitness, and dieting


Superior has an interest in fitness, exercising, natural remedies and going green.


Rowan University

Superior King has learned about the many roles an individual plays within a communication setting. Moreover, Superior has learned how important language can play a role in interpersonal settings as well as the significance of communicating to resolve interpersonal problems. Superior King has learned from a range of topics such as, economics, family communication, health communication, oral communication and a mass of other communication subjects.

Additionally, she has learned about mass media medium such as television broadcasting, film and radio production. Throughout her undergraduate studies, she has acquired the skills to write and speak clearly, effectively, and logically out her own ideas. She has also learned to do extensive research as well as obtain organization skills in order to present information clearly whether it be independently or within group settings. Additionally, she has learned to make out conclusions to productively communicate the outcome.

Superior has learned how to examine and comprehend lengthy reports. She has also learned how to reference article appropriately by giving credit to the authors. Throughout her studies she has learned how to be challenge by oral and written communications. She's presented several oral arguments to a structured audience and has participated in a variety of debates regarding various communication outlets.

Throughout her studies,Superior has learned how to gain leadership skills to deal with complex issues and to effectively use skills to communicate with others. Ultimately, she has gained understanding on how to analyze problems and has obtain the ability to communicate her thoughts and suggestions.


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Superior has written numerous health related articles. She is knowledgeable about organic living and why it is so much more beneficial to the body. She has also incorporated natural remedies in her own lifestyle for healing wounds and illness. She also uses organic oils for skin and hair care.

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Superior pays close attention to detail before writing. Superior organizes and develops a strategy to complement the title. Superior makes sure that the article is coherent and draw the attention of the reader. Superior always spell check for grammar mistakes and proofread the article before submitting to the client. Superior understands that engaging the reader with essential information is key to having loyal subscribers. Superior knows that having full awareness of the main idea focus in the blog post is crucial to have your readers believe that your website can be reliable and dedicated to having reliable sources to educate them.


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Superior has written on a variety of articles that have focused on subjects area such as nutrition, education, and law. Superior has written "DIY" articles and has done extensive research on topics such as "How to Maintain Your Health", How to Remodel Your Kitchen", and "How to Maintenance an iPad."

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