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Sheila earned her bachelor's degree in English in 1987 from Augustana College in South Dakota. Over the course of her 26-year career, she has put her investigative, research and writing skills to use in a variety of positions in a number of industries. She has been a features writer and beat reporter for a medium-sized newspaper, a marketing coordinator for a large hospital and charitable foundation, a technical writer for health information management software and a managing partner for a healthcare consulting practice. She has been a freelance writer and contributor to many blogs and publications in the healthcare, small business and marketing fields, among others. Sheila has written hundreds of articles, SEO blog posts and marketing materials for clients as diverse as healthcare and parenting niche websites, legal and medical practices, charitable organizations, professional associations, banking, mortgage and finance webzines. She has written position papers and speeches for political candidates. Sheila has excellent research skills and is able to break down complex ideas into easily understood content.

Thanks to a long marriage to a military spouse, Sheila has lived all over the country and traveled abroad extensively. She actively follows politics, public policy and the Supreme Court, and she has written many articles and opinion pieces on current and pending legislation, especially as it affects healthcare and small business. Sheila is an active member in several professional organizations including the American Health Information Management Association and the National Federation of Independent Business. She is also an avid book reader and book reviewer. Sheila enjoys the flexibility of freelance writing and the challenge of creating engaging content on a variety of topics; she looks forward to tackling her next project.
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Sheila is an avid traveler and enjoys last-minute deals. She has been to many unusual destinations, including Managua, Prague and Tortola. Sheila earned her travel chops when she decided to gift each of her three children upon graduation with a two-week backpack trip through the country of his choice: She has trekked through Tuscany, Bavaria and the Scottish Highlands. Sheila is an accomplished cook and frequent entertainer; she has a passion for craft beers and Italian wines. Sheila is also a voracious reader, mostly classic literature, history and biographies, with a healthy dose of contemporary fiction and Russian poetry thrown in. In her free time, Sheila teaches English as a second language and GED classes as a volunteer at her local community center. She is also a member of the Literacy Council; she looks forward to the Council's annual adult Spelling Bee fundraiser, when her team, the Queen Bees, regularly sweep top prizes.


Augustana College

Sheila graduated with honors earning a bachelor's degree in English with a minor in Classics.


653 Projects Completed

Sheila has spent most of her career in the healthcare industry, writing both technical publications and marketing materials. She can write informative blog posts relevant to patients with medical conditions, in-depth articles on disease process, research and treatment options, one-on-one interviews with medical experts, marketing materials and SEO content for clients in the healthcare industry.


298 Projects Completed

Sheila's professional background is in healthcare and the medical field. She is experienced with writing in-depth articles on disease process, medical research and treatment options. She is also experienced with writing patient-friendly articles and blog posts about conditions and disease management. Her specialty is breaking down complex information into easily understood content for general readers.

Search Marketing

260 Projects Completed

Sheila has specialized in marketing content throughout her career. She has written marketing materials and brochures for healthcare facilities and small businesses, as well as SEO articles and blog posts for a variety of products and services. Sheila is practiced in the skill of creating fresh, engaging marketing content with required keyword density without sounding artificial or repetitive.


254 Projects Completed

Sheila is an experienced marketing consultant and writer. In addition to working with clients to develop print marketing campaigns and materials, she also works with clients to develop comprehensive online marketing strategies. She is experienced with inbound marketing, including using social media, blogs, landing pages, etc. Sheila also writes articles and blog posts for marketing professionals.


130 Projects Completed

Sheila has written many articles and SEO blog posts for attorney/law office websites. She has also written many informative articles and how-to blog posts for legal advice reference sites. Sheila has also worked with clients to develop landing pages and marketing content for professional legal services websites.


102 Projects Completed

Sheila has written many articles and posts for travel blogs and digital travel magazines. She is a frequent traveler and enjoys unusual destinations. Sheila will write engaging content and use SEO techniques to help drive traffic.


77 Projects Completed

Sheila's background in healthcare and medical topics naturally lends itself to writing about parenting and children's health issues. She has written many articles on childhood conditions and diseases and blog posts for parenting websites.


67 Projects Completed

Sheila enjoys writing about men's health and self-improvement topics. With her extensive background in healthcare and medical topics, writing about men's health topics was a natural choice. She has experience in writing about men's unique health and fitness issues, tips to combat aging, and nutrition topics relevant to men.


51 Projects Completed

Sheila has written dozens of articles on business and personal finance topics, including small business loans, investing strategies, financial planning, estate planning, tax planning and socially responsible investing. She writes in part from personal experience as a business owner and self-employed professional.


51 Projects Completed

Sheila is something of a political junkie and contributes to many political blogs and websites. She has worked with political campaigns, writing position papers and speeches. Since becoming a full-time freelance writer, she has sold articles, opinion pieces and blog posts to a variety of clients.


50 Projects Completed

Sheila frequently writes blog posts and articles on government policy and business, especially healthcare policy. She follows public policy and government regulations and blogs on these topics for sites focusing on small business and healthcare.


40 Projects Completed

Sheila is an accomplished cook and enjoys writing about food, wine and entertaining. She has written many informative articles on regional cuisines and cooking techniques, wine and craft beer, and tips for entertaining at home.


26 Projects Completed

Sheila enjoys writing articles and blog posts about beauty tips and hints. While she has no formal training in the beauty industry, she's a 40-something professional woman who is always interested in ways to maintain and improve her appearance and enjoys sharing her knowledge with others via entertaining and informative articles.


20 Projects Completed

Sheila enjoys the challenge of adding humor to informative pieces to improve readability and reader engagement. Her sense of humor leans toward irony, snark and sarcasm--more understated than laugh-out-loud.


872 Projects Completed

Sheila frequently writes articles on a variety of topics for webpages and digital magazines. She began her career as a beat reporter for a suburban newspaper. Sheila is skilled at writing journalistic articles on tight deadlines, including interviews, current events and breaking news.

Blog Post

394 Projects Completed

Sheila blogs for a variety of websites. She is agile in choosing tone to fit desired readers. She can create provocative content to drive links or write informational or conversational pieces to entertain readers. Sheila guest blogs for political websites and has a steady relationship with several travel, food and wine blogs.

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