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Matthew A
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Matthew A. is a professional writer currently writing for popular online content providers and blogs as well as individuals. A steady dedication to correct, useful information combined with the rhythm and flavor of well-composed prose drives his work, while a keen attention to details is a key element in his writing - earning Matthew consistent high 4-star ratings at paid content sites and impressing clients with his speed and careful diligence.

Matthew earned a B.S. in Communications with a specialization in entertainment and media production from Florida State University in 1997, two years after he had begun working in the field. After graduation he moved to Los Angeles in 1999 and continued in broadcasting until 2011. Experienced with advanced technology from his career in television and a lifelong science enthusiast, Matthew's paid assignments have covered everything from mobile apps and video games to the impending alternative energy revolution, as well as humorous Top Tens and articles. He follows tech and science news, as well as staying current with gaming and entertainment, and enjoys pushing his skills daily to improve them. Adaptable and focused, Matthew has successfully managed a writing career for the past few years and advanced his ability to service his clients.

Matthew's knowledge base encompasses many areas, from popular media and games to cutting-edge radical technological advances happening every day. With meticulous curated research and clear intent, his writing conveys the message the client wishes to send. An eagerness to learn pushes Matthew to seek new challenges to enhance the quality of whatever topic is the focus - everything humans deal with is open for discussion!


Matthew is a lifelong nerd and passionate advocate for awesome products, cool gadgets and positive trends. A futurist and a dreamer, he enjoys drilling down to the core of issues to examine and understand them. Although a new member of the professional ranks of those earning a living through words, he has written for decades and maintains a consistent daily work ethic. Previous employment experience consisted of 16 years in television and satellite broadcasting and a keen interest and study of entertainment media.


Florida State University

Matthew graduated this limited-access degree program with a 3.5 GPA as well as writing and professional production experience.


50 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Matthew is a 4-star contributor to paid online content providers covering a wide range of focused topics. From video games to tech blogging and humor pieces, Matthew excels at delivering precise and engaging information to the reader, and his extensive background in satellite broadcasting and entertainment media adds informed credibility to related pieces.


30 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Matthew's experience with video games goes back to the release of the original Nintendo Entertainment System, and his love for gaming has only grown stronger over the years. His pieces on the culture and industry of gaming reflect that passion, which has guided him in creating dozens of high-quality pieces written for the gaming press.


25 Projects Completed

Humor is one of Matthew's favorite elements of any successful written piece, from adventure blog to cooking guide. His latest nonfiction ebook, How To Win a Fight With a Polar Bear: Round Zero, is representative of his off-kilter humor, and his ability to weave interesting insights into the most commonplace of topics enables him to connect with any audience while making them laugh.


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