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Yael ET has written all her life, but only recently begun to publish. She was born in Israel of French parents, and was exposed to several languages from a young age (grandparents were Turkish). The family moved to Italy, then France, before immigrating to the United States. Here, she completed her studies in psychology, and has been working in the medical and legal fields ever since.

Yael ET has published a book of poetry and one on a healthy lifestyle, and is currently in the process of updating and expanding her book on a healthy lifestyle. She is deeply interested in finding solutions to the obesity epidemic in the United States through diet and exercise.

Yael's interests are vast, ranging from classical music and philosophy. Specifically, Yael is currently studying Buddhism. She loves history, and reads as much as possible. The history of Japan is of great interest to her, as her husband is Japanese.

Yael also actively participates in Toastmasters, and has attained the designation of Accomplished Toastmater-Silver. She takes every opportunity to speak in public that she can.

Since 1997, Yael has been trading options on the stock market. Her affinity for options is such that she also writes an active blog, and would happily teach the techniques to anyone who will listen, such is her passion for the financial markets.

On the cusp of retirement, Yael is now looking to expand her writing career to a far greater degree.


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Yael was born into an agrarian society, and was fortunate to be introduced early to sound, wholesome eating patterns. She has made it her life's work to share her knowledge and passion with others.

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Yael was born into an agrarian society, and was fortunate to be introduced early to sound, wholesome eating patterns. She has made it her life's work to share her knowledge and passion with others.


The Mediterranean Diet is the healthiest in the world.


Yael studied options trading in 1997, and has been bitten by the "bug." She has become passionate about trading, in up and down markets. Moreover, Yael is extremely adept at other facets of finance, including retirement planning, Social Security, insurance and personal budgeting.


Yael ET has taught options trading informally, while simultaneously spending a semester as adjunct professor in computer information processing. She has given seminars in philosophy, and is currently working on designing seminars on a healthy lifestyle.


Yael has worked in her own business since 1988, specializing in the medical field. Simultaneously, she has also traded options on the stock market, and at one time almost became a seminar leader, though that never panned out.


Born in Israel, Yael has traveled to Italy and France, before moving to the United States. She then traveled to Japan, where she met her husband.


In her spare time, Yael enjoys painting in watercolors and acrylics. She is self-taught, and fortunately, has managed to sell quite a number of her works. She paints quickly, in an expressive, abstract style.

Real Estate

Yael obtained her real estate license in order to serve the needs of the affluent Japanese who were buying up New York before their economy plummeted. She has been involved in residential and commercial real estate, as well as teaching creative financing to potential buyers and sellers.

Self Help

Having graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in psychology, Yael has been intimately involved in learning about the self, the workings of the mind, the intricacies of the brain. It is her motto that everyone is responsible for oneself.


Spirituality seems to be as ubiquitous as video games. Unlike the latter, spirituality is very individual in its experience and expression. Yael's version of spirituality is to focus on values and morals as guides to behavior. She is currently writing a book describing various values, and their impact on life.


On a trip to Japan, Yael was introduced to the man who would become her husband, even though they did not speak each other's language. What ensued was not only a jet-setting romance, but also a deep study of what relationship is, what communication entails, beyond words, beyond the trappings of traditional dating. This was 23 years ago.


Born and raised in a country where eating fruits and vegetables is the norm, when Yael moved to the United States, she was confronted with the sheer abundance of processed foods, almost to the exclusion of whole foods. This spurred her to study nutrition and its effects on the body, long-term health, and ability to endure the stresses of everyday life.

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