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Keri B. is an English major at Cornell University and has also worked as an editor and writer for the highly acclaimed student newspaper, The Cornell Daily Sun. She has over 10 years of experience as a freelance writer, blogger, and proofreader. She has written for a variety of magazines including SKATING and Dekit, edited textbooks, created website content, and written for The Daily Mocha blog. Currently, she is in talks with an agent regarding her first book deal.


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Keri B. has written a 91,000 word book for which she is currently in negotiations with a literary agent.

Industry Projects

  • Women100+
  • Auto50+
  • Education50+
  • Other50+
  • Government20+
  • Hardware20+
  • Business20+
  • Entertainment20+
  • Politics20+
  • Insurance10+
  • Health10+
  • Garden10+
  • Legal6
  • Relationships5
  • Pets3

Summary of Industry Experience


Keri B. has written a variety of articles for SoundOffWoman, a website geared toward female readers. She has also written a significant amount of website content for a body jewelry site geared toward women.


Keri B. has written numerous articles for an automotive locksmith's website and blog. She also writes guest blog articles for other locksmiths' websites.


In addition to having worked as a T.A. and tutor for many years, Keri B. has written lesson plans for a small SAT tutoring company. In college, she covered the Student Assembly beat for two years for the school's newspaper and she has also worked as a freelance textbook editor and written site content for study abroad program sites.


While working for the Cornell Daily Sun, Keri B. specialized in news and human interest stories. She has also written "weird" news stories for SoundOffWoman and entertainment news stories for The Daily Mocha.


Keri B. wrote a series of articles for an eBook on government and business. She also covered student government proceedings during her tenure at the Cornell Daily Sun.


Keri B. has written a number of articles and guest blogs for home security sites. She has covered topics such as garage door security, intercom installation, lockpicking, lock types, key duplication, and more.


Keri B. has written articles for websites that offer advice to small business owners. She has covered topics such as the effective use of Twitter, how to select a logo, and what web hosting service to select. She has also written a number of articles about office security and has ghost written book chapters about the relationship between business and government.


Keri B. has written book and film reviews for SoundOffWoman, The Cornell Daily Sun, and Lancaster newspapers.


Keri B. has written a series of articles about the problems associated with running governments like businesses. She has also written articles about the racial dimensions of AIDS conspiracy theories, the politics of marijuana legalization, and the political implications of zombie films.


Keri B. has written articles about lowering car and home insurance rates. She has also written about health insurance in light of the changes ushered in by Obamacare.


Keri B. has written articles about health-related topics, including Obamacare, genetically modified foods, the effects of global warming on the world's food supply, natural foods, and fitness. She writes blog entries for wedeservehealth.com.


Keri B. has written articles on home security as it relates to gardening, explaining how adequate security can be attained without marring a home's landscaping and gardening.


Keri B. has written a series of articles for The Escort Law Review about legal options for escorts. She has also ghost written a book chapter about the legal history of escorting.


Keri B. has written articles for a parenting and relationships website. She has also written content for a marital counselor's professional website.


Keri B. has written website content for dog walkers, cat breeders, and kennels. She has also written articles about strange pets and monkey ownership laws.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post100+
  • Web Page20+
  • Book1

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Keri B. has written blog posts for her own blog site as well as for news, health, home improvement, and relationship blogs.

Web Page

Most recently, Keri B. has written full website content for a site specializing in study abroad program placement. Also, she has freelanced for MainStreetHost, a company that provides content to web sites. She has also written product descriptions for jewelry web sites.


Keri B. has written a 91,000 word book for which she is currently in negotiations with a literary agent.

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