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Amanda H. loves to read, write, and learn. She has seventy-two college credits yet has not applied for graduation because she wants to continue to learn all she can, while she can. She has taken all of the English and writing classes that her college offers, in hopes of perfecting her craft. She has also focused her education by taking teaching courses, and she loves to write lesson plans. She has written SEO content for several different websites and knows the in and outs of writing for search engines. Amanda understands that the first rule for search engine optimization is to write engaging content for the reader, then worry about keyword ratios after the content is useful and original. Her goal is to write in a way that the readers want to comment or click on additional links in order to learn more. She has many hobbies that enrich her writing, including attending college classes, participating in a weekly writing class at her library, hiking, reading, homeschooling her three children, and an unhealthy obsession with Doctor Who. She has experience in public school classrooms as a volunteer and substitute teacher. Amanda's favorite subjects to write about are health, fitness, and education related. She loves being a writer because of all the new things she learns through research. She has received great reviews for her ghostwriting services and is considered fast and efficient. She strives to put out the best work possible for each and every article, even if it is one out of many for the day.


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Amanda finds that she writes her best work in the health and fitness field. She knows the importance of healthy living, and inspires her family and readers to get out there and make a change because it will be worth it. Most of her work in the field is written as a ghostwriter for health and fitness websites. Included as a sample is a short snippet of something that has her own byline.


Amanda enjoys writing about a variety of topics, yet she is most experienced in writing in the kids/family genre. She has many ghostwritten articles on childcare, nursing advice, pregnancy tips, and more in the area of family and children. The writing sample submitted is one of the few with her name on it, as she cannot share the articles written for other websites.


I live in Florida and I am active in trying to preserve what is left of the wilderness. If you need a writer who has a passion and knowledge about the ecology of Florida, then I am your gal. I am a college student and in my free time I camp and hike throughout the Eastern United States. Whether you need work that has an environmental slant, or more of a tourism feel, I can write about Florida with knowledge and passion.

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