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Amanda H
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Amanda H. loves to read, write, and learn. She enjoys taking classes related to writing, teaching, ESL, and any other topic that seems interesting and will add to her knowledge base as a successful freelance writer. She writes SEO content for several different websites and knows the ins and outs of writing for search engines, and also writing quality content that actual people will enjoy reading and sharing with their friends on social media. Amanda understands that the first rule for search engine optimization is to write engaging content for the reader, then worry about keyword ratios after the content is useful and original. Her goal is to write in a way that the readers want to comment or click on additional links in order to learn more. She has many hobbies that enrich her writing, including taking extra college classes, hiking, reading, teaching, parenting, and volunteering. She loves being a writer because of all the new things she learns while doing research. Amanda's favorite subjects to write about are health, fitness, and education-related. She also has a lot of experience in writing in finance and for home improvement companies such as HVAC and home remediation. She loves being a writer because of all the new things she learns through research. She has received great reviews for her ghostwriting services and is considered fast and efficient. She strives to put out the best work possible for each and every article, even if it is one out of many for the day.