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Colleen K. is a retired civil engineer, specialized in site development and, upon retirement, went on to establish a freelance writing business. While working in the engineering industry she wrote project contracts, construction specifications and a variety of reports including design analysis, basis of design, and Storm Water management reports.

Currently, she writes web content, blog posts and informational articles for sites such as TextBroker, as well as a variety of private clients. She has experience writing for educational websites specializing in medical careers and community real estate copy to promote cities and town. She also writes for several websites that offer weight loss and nutrition information and has contributed extensively to several books on the same subject for a private client.

Colleen K earned an Associate degree in civil engineering from Franklin Institute of Boston and has taken several online writing classes. She also publishes a newsletter for two nonprofit organizations as well as provides graphic design for both organizations. She has been a freelance writer for well over ten years and plans to continue her freelance writing career well into the future. Her goal is to provide the necessary written word to answer questions and provide solutions to problems, as well as streamline the volume of available information into a neat, concise package.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Colleen K has provided content for educational websites in the medical field, including RN, LPN and CNA training programs and employment. She also researches and provides information about available programs that cover the costs of such training programs. In addition, Colleen K provides information regarding admission to such programs along with requirements to qualify for any mandated licensing exams.

Real Estate

Colleen K writes community web sites for the purpose of promoting of cities and towns. She also provides research and information regarding the viability of cities and towns through their real estate offerings. The community web pages includes the benefits of the city or town as well as educational availability, employment, recreational areas and municipal enterprises such as water and sewer.

Product Projects

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Newsletter Content

Colleen has written, edited and published newsletters for non-profit organizations. The newsletters contain information regarding fund raising efforts, upcoming projects and "what's happening now" news briefs.

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