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Julia L. has spent her writing career working in a multitude of styles and industries. The majority of her time and knowledge is rooted in the healthcare and health and wellness industries. She has written for such companies as Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, the Michigan State Medical Society and Medical Advantage Group. She is comfortable with press releases, articles, blogs, educational columns and other social media mediums.
Julia L. has also spent time writing for local newspapers in the mid-Michigan area, covering stories in relation to the University of Michigan students and staff, elections and on goings in the local school district.
In addition to healthcare, Julia L. is also familiar with the topic of electronic message centers, more specifically LED signs. She has spent three years working with sign manufacturers, sellers and end users writing case studies and product testimonials that were in-depth, technical and useful for marketing and company branding.
She has experience in developing a company's social media presence, including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and has also worked with Adobe suites to create visual accompaniments to her articles.
Julia L. graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in English Language and Literature and has been writing fiction and poetry in her spare time for nearly twelve years, with a handful of personal publications in magazines and anthologies. She is comfortable working quickly, accurately and is able to effectively research subject-matter for articles that may be beyond her typically score of writing. She also has extensive experience working as a copy-writer and editing the work of others for both grammatical as well as stylistic revisions.


Julia L. enjoys writing for work as well as in her free time, and has been working for the last two years on completing a work of fiction for publication, as well as a short series of poems. She is also an outdoor enthusiast and a lover of all contemporary fiction. Her life long dream is to make the trek to the top of Machu Picchu.


University of Michigan

Julia L. earned her degree from the University of Michigan in English Language and Literature.


0 Projects Completed

Julia L. has in-depth knowledge of the electronic sign industry and has written numerous case studies highlighting the technical and electronic aspects of these message centers. Her work in this field has included not only interviews with the sign manufacturer, but third party vendors and end users as well.


0 Projects Completed

Julia L. has written health and wellness articles for such sources as Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan's A Healthier Michigan blog, as well as the Michigan State Medical Society's Michigan Medicine magazine. She has also researched and written articles for a local Michigan newspaper on childhood obesity.


0 Projects Completed

Julia L. has written nutrition articles for such sources as Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan's A Healthier Michigan blog and their Blues on the Move whitepapers.


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