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Dan S is a bit of a jack-of-all-trades. As long as he has been able, he has been writing songs and stories to entertain his friends. Dan S is an avid reader and a talented musician. After high school Dan attended the prestigious music school at the University of North Texas studying jazz and music theory. After college Dan S moved to Chicago to pursue his love of music, playing blues and soul in many of the top clubs in the city. He has performed at Buddy Guy's Legends, The Kingston Mines, and even The Chicago Blues Festival, sharing the stage with such luminaries as Dave Specter and Ronnie Baker Brooks.

While music was not paying the rent Dan S gained an extensive knowledge of food and wine, working as a bartender in some of the top restaurants in downtown Chicago. He quickly earned a reputation for his unique and playful wine descriptions and before long was responsible for writing the wine list. His insightful and interesting descriptions encouraged customers to try something they may have been reticent to try, and the establishment was able to stock a more diverse and adventurous selection of wines.

While working in the service industry, Dan S earned a degree in economics, graduating summa cum laude from Portland State University. He is currently working in finance, using his writing skills to make high-level financial concepts digestible for governments and institutional investors alike. The opportunity to write professionally has been challenging and rewarding. Dan S is excited to take his love of narrative and descriptive composition and transform it from a hobby to a profession. He is committed to helping others not only communicate their ideas, but do so in a way that engages and excites an audience.


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Dan has worked in the legal industry for a couple of years now and understands the ins and outs of legal writing and specifically the Social Security Disability process. Dan has written over a hundred arguments for judges and examiners as well as memos and summaries for attorneys. Dan understands and enjoys the precise style of legal writing.


Dan's approach to describing wine is creative and playful. Rather than the familiar and tired descriptions printed on most wine lists Dan goes out of his way to make each description unique. Whether it be a grassy and tart sauvignon blanc from New Zealand or a dark, complex Bordeaux Dan will find the perfect description to excite customers and make sure the recycling bin is filled with empty bottles by the end of the evening.

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While working as a bartender in restaurants Dan was the go-to guy when something needed to get written about booze. Beer, wine and liquor were his domain and any manager needing a wine list, cocktail description or blog post looked no further the smiling guy behind the bar.

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