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Danielle holds a Master's degree in Professional Writing and a Bachelor's degree in English. Her experience as a freelance writer, editor, and graphic/web designer dates back to 2006. Since then, she's held positions as a website columnist, proofreader for a major publishing company, graphic/web designer for a website featured in Fast Company magazine, writing consultant/mentor at a university, and blogger for multiple Indianapolis-area businesses.

Throughout Danielle's freelance writing career, she's completed more than 10,000 assignments for her clients on Writer Access and other platforms--including blog posts, press releases, how-to articles, SEO-optimized articles, newsletters, white papers, and everything in between.

Research is one of Danielle's strong points, so she can produce engaging and authoritative content on just about any topic. However, some of her areas of expertise include travel, home and garden, finance, family and relationships, health, education, and fitness.

Ever since Danielle was old enough to write, it's been her passion. This passion and dedication shows in every piece she completes, whether it be a blog post on the latest trends in Internet marketing or an article on how to create a beautiful door wreath for one's own home.

Since Danielle works full-time as a freelance writer, her clients enjoy that she's always available to take on new assignments and can typically have them completed within a day or two.

Read some of the feedback Danielle has received from her clients below:

"Great writer! Save her to your love list! Follows brief and understands audience well! Got back in way under deadline."

"You are a rockstar! Thank you so much for allowing me to count on you to not only deliver pieces of content in a timely manner, but your syntax and writing style is fantastic. Seriously thank you."

"Danielle produces high quality writing that explains the topic in a coherent and logical manner which provides value to our readers. Love her work ethic and quick turnaround. We have added her to our love list as one of the top writers we love to work with. Thanks for the great work, Danielle!"

"Danielle's writing is extremely thorough. [...] She takes the time to and effort to make sure your content is done with the most quality. Most importantly, she follows every requirement requested. I will be sending her Solo orders often moving forward!"

"Really appreciate the quick turn around and professionalism of this writer. Looking forward to our next project."

"Danielle is my go to person for the health and wellness blogs. It's great to work with her."

"Danielle's writing style was great. Extremely fast turnaround, thanks!"


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Danielle S's Nutrition Industry Experience

57 Projects Completed

Danielle has written dozens of nutrition-related articles and has a personal interest in diet/nutrition, staying up-to-date on new diets and trends. From blogging about the difference between complex and simple carbs to explaining the logic behind the paleo diet, Danielle has plenty of experience in this industry.

Industry Projects

  • Beauty100+
  • Real Estate100+
  • Fitness100+
  • Marketing100+
  • Fashion100+
  • Education100+
  • Insurance100+
  • Auto100+
  • Food100+
  • Pets100+
  • Career100+
  • Finance100+
  • Outdoor/Recreation100+
  • Travel100+
  • Tax100+
  • Craft100+
  • Nutrition50+

Summary of Industry Experience


To quote her favorite movie (American Beauty), Danielle subscribes to the philosophy that "in order to be successful, one must project an image of success at all times." In other words, she likes to look her best.

Specifically, her beauty interests include budget-friendly beauty tips, easy styles for curly hair, and quick morning makeup routines. She's written hundreds of articles on these topics for a wide range of clients.

Real Estate

Danielle became a first-time homeowner in 2014. Since then, she's learned a great deal about the responsibilities and advantages that come along with being a homeowner. Because of her new-found homeownership, she's also learned a great deal about home improvement and maintenance first-hand.

As a result, Danielle has been able to write hundreds of articles on home improvement projects, preventative maintenance, buying and selling, improving curb appeal, and other real estate topics.


Danielle has been what many would refer to as a "fitness junkie" for several years now. She enjoys staying up-to-date on the latest fitness and exercise trends and frequents a local gym as a way of staying in shape. She has also played a number of team sports, including basketball, soccer, and hockey. She also dabbles in Yoga.


In her many years as a freelance writer, Danielle has taken on dozens of assignments on marketing-related topics. From blog posts on B2B marketing research to social media marketing articles and everything in between, she is well versed in business marketing. As a content marketer herself, this area of expertise is right up her alley.


During her years in college, Danielle learned a lot about updating her wardrobe while on a budget. Today, she still enjoys making occasional trips to second-hand stores and scouring her favorite fashion retailers for deals. Every once in a great awhile, she'll spoil herself with a shopping spree at the mall.

Based on her experience, she enjoys writing about budget-friendly fashion tips and how to save on designer brands. However, she's also completed dozens of articles on the latest fashion trends and even some product descriptions for apparel websites.


Danielle was a student herself for nineteen consecutive years and recently completed her schooling with a Master's degree in Professional Writing. She has also taken several classes on education, including courses on teaching writing, incorporating technology into the classroom, and teaching rhetoric in the classroom. Furthermore, she worked for three years as a tutor at her university, offering writing assistance across all disciplines. In her final year of graduate school, she also served as a mentor for new tutors.


Danielle has written dozens of articles on various types of insurance, ranging from home and auto to health, disability, and everything in between. As a home and vehicle owner, she has first-hand experience in understanding the intricacies of homeowners insurance and car insurance.

Specifically, Danielle enjoys writing posts that help consumers select the right coverage for their needs.


Danielle has written a number of blog posts, informational articles, and web pages for automotive dealerships and repair shops alike. A vehicle owner herself, she enjoys writing about car maintenance, increasing fuel economy, and money-saving tips for car-buyers.


Danielle loves food. There's no better way to put it. While she doesn't claim to be a professional chef by any means, she does have a fair amount of cooking experience and enjoys trying out new foods and recipes.

Specifically, Danielle is interested in healthy and low-carb cooking. She's a believer in both the Atkins and ketogenic diet, both of which are low in carb but full in protein and flavor. She's spent nearly a year following the ketogenic diet and, as a result, has become an expert in preparing low-carb dishes that taste just like their "full-carb" originals (pumpkin pie, fried chicken, pizza crust, etc).


Danielle has a love for cats, and some of her closest friends and family jokingly refer to her as a "crazy cat lady." While she only has two cats at home, she also volunteers at a local cat shelter and as a driver for two different animal transport groups.

Despite her adoration of felines, Danielle is a lover of all animals, having also adopted a rescue dog in late 2014. She's written web content for veterinarian's offices, blog posts on getting rid of fleas in kittens, tips on protecting dogs from canine parvovirus, and everything in between.


As somebody with a Master's degree in Professional Writing, Danielle considers herself an expert when it comes to writing/editing resumes, composing cover letters, and formulating e-mails/other means of written communication.

Specifically, she's assisted dozens of private clients in revising job-application cover letters, crafting industry-specific resumes, and composing application essays for admission to graduate school.


From a young age, Danielle has understood the importance of being financially responsible, securing her first job at age 14 and saving up enough money to buy her first car in cash at age 16. Today, she enjoys writing about taking control over one's personal finances, including tips for budgeting and saving for retirement.


Danielle is what many would refer to as a recreation enthusiast; a couple of her favorite hobbies include tent camping and riding roller coasters. In her professional career, she's written numerous blogs and articles on topics ranging from RV/camper travel and hiking to sports and amusement parks.


Travel is one of Danielle's biggest passions. She's been to most US states and a few places outside of the US, though her favorite vacation was probably the one she took to Oahu, Hawaii in 2007.

Specifically, Danielle loves traveling to new amusement parks across the globe. Currently, she's been to more than 50 different amusement parks and ridden more than 300 different roller coasters.

Danielle's extensive travel experience has led her to write hundreds of blog posts, advice articles, and other content on traveling; some topics she's covered include finding the best deals on airfare, selecting a rental car, and even booking a jungle excursion.


Danielle has been self-employed for six years and, as a result, has had to learn a lot about taxes first-hand. As an independent contractor handling her own complex taxes, she considers herself an expert on self-employment taxes, 1099s, and the like. However, she also has extensive experience writing about business taxes and personal income tax.


For as long as she can remember, Danielle has been a lover of all things crafty. She specializes in creating (and occasionally selling) her own custom greeting cards. However, she's also crafted her own door wreaths, wall art, customized drink coasters, picture frames, and more. Danielle is a true believer that crafting, much like writing, is a wonderful form of expression.

Danielle's crafting experience has also led her to write hundreds of how-to articles, blog posts, and guides on various arts and crafts projects.


Danielle has written dozens of nutrition-related articles and has a personal interest in diet/nutrition, staying up-to-date on new diets and trends. From blogging about the difference between complex and simple carbs to explaining the logic behind the paleo diet, Danielle has plenty of experience in this industry.

Product Projects

  • Blog Post1,000+
  • Article1,000+
  • Grant/Proposal2

Summary of Product Experience

Blog Post

Danielle has been blogging for as long as she can remember. Currently, she maintains a personal and academic blog, but she's also been a guest-blogger on a number of occasions.

Danielle also has a stream of clients who request blog posts from her on a regular basis. These blog posts are often informative and conversational in nature, as many of them are written for business websites.


General articles are one of Danielle's biggest specialties. Specifically, she enjoys writing advice and "how to" articles; she's able to write some of these articles based on her own experience, though some many require outside research and inclusion of statistics/facts. Either way, Danielle's clients appreciate that her how-to posts are easy-to-follow, informative, and accurate.


In 2010, Danielle worked with a non-profit food bank located in Ann Arbor, MI to assist them in researching costs for the implementation of a new logo. She researched the costs, made recommendations, and was also responsible for submitting a proposal to the client that detailed the timeline of implementation for the new logo.

Today, thanks to Danielle's help, the food bank's new logo is now proudly displayed on their trucks, merchandise, letterheads, and more.

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