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Angelica S. is currently a college student at Edison State College where she is in the midst of earning an Associates of Arts in English. Upon graduation, she contrives to attend a four-year university to earn a bachelor's degree in English with a concentration in Business Administration. Aside from her studies, she partakes in jobs or projects that will allow her to exercise her skills in writing. In addition, she has been an independent author and has published an eBook titled, 360, and is currently midmost of publishing a second eBook/Paperback entitled The Recurrence.

Angelica S. has basic knowledge of SEO and currently has a work from home agency, The Virtual Employment Agency, where she puts basic knowledge of SEO to good use. Aside from providing work from home job opportunities on her site, it is also a place where her writings are displayed. Utilizing SEO has permitted Angelica's business to gain further recognition from around the world such as the Philippines and Africa, where she has constant viewers.

From her strong passion of writing, she was able to have one year experience in writing consecutively for three companies, ghost blogging, as well as writing posts on her beauty, healthy and fashion blog; also providing quality posts on various forums upon request from owners. Having written hundreds of miscellaneous published articles on the internet, she realized that writing on a specific topic doesn't suit her. As a writer and an affiliate marketer, she was able to gain experience in technical writing as well other writing styles to broaden her writing ability.


Angelica S. has a keen interest in writing autobiographies as well as reviews on all types of products--her passion is to inform readers of her new findings. Also, sewing and designing clothes has been the latest interest she has developed. Whenever she has encountered a new fashion, she relishes the idea of being able to share it with other interested viewers through her writings.


Warner University

Angelica has received 20 credits from the institut; she contrives to return once graduated from Edison State College with an Associate of Arts degree to acquire a bachelor of Arts in English with a concentration in Business Administration

Edison State college

Angelica is currently a junior at Edison State college where she has taken most of her English classes. She has obtained 50 credits from the institution.


27 Projects Completed

Angelica S. has had the fortune of having 27 paid projects to write autobiographies of persons that were victims of crimes as well as mass murders. She has in-depth knowledge of persons of the 18th and 19th century that were well known serial killers, rapists, and any other deplorable act.


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