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Mandy received her Bachelor of Science in Journalism from the renowned E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University in 2000. While there she received many honors, including the Richard O Linke full academic scholarship for her senior year, and she was nationally selected as the Pen Tudor intern at Adweek Magazine in 1999.

After a few years of working in sales in New York City, and then in the film industry in Los Angeles, Mandy decided to pursue a Master in Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary. She was told it was her personal essay that convinced the admissions committee that Mandy had great talent. Mandy always dreamed of being a writer, and the demanding course load at PTS, plus the difficult subject matter of writing about God, helped to hone her communication skills.

She then spent 8 years preaching in local churches throughout New York State, including most recently serving at the Park Avenue United Methodist Church in Manhattan. Her sermons received such positive feedback that Mandy became known as an excellent preacher. She also wrote the organization's website, wrote and edited its newsletter, and built its social media platform.

Mandy decided to take a leave of absence from parish ministry in order to pursue her dream of writing full time. She recently published an article titled, "Going Beyond What We Know" in Good News Magazine. While most of her writing to date is spiritual in nature, Mandy is fully capable of writing on all topics because she has the ability to take complex ideas and break them down so they are easily understandable. As well, she is an excellent researcher, a thoughtful interviewer and a gifted writer capable of making any copy interesting to read.

Mandy desires the opportunity to use her skills to help others succeed, and when given the chance, will not disappoint!


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Why say in 100 words what you can say in 10? People love quotes and expressing a clever idea in just a few words makes the idea memorable. Plus, our attention span as a society has become smaller and smaller in this world of social media. Mandy knows how to use twitter to her (and your) advantage.

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Summary of Industry Experience


Mandy has written an original piece on spirituality each week for the last eight years while serving in the local church. Those who read her work, as well as those who hear it proclaimed, report that they have felt inspired, uplifted and comforted by her words. Her most recent article, "Going Beyond What We Know," featured in Good News Magazine, has received excellent reviews and the editor has requested working with her again.

Self Help

Mandy has worked extensively with hundreds of individuals, encouraging them to be their best selves and live into their highest calling in life. She begins by discussing universal human dilemmas, and then goes on to offer a message of hope that transformation is possible. With personal knowledge, gentleness and determination, anyone can go from where they are to where they want to be.

Non Profit

Mandy has worked in the non profit industry for over 8 years, encouraging volunteers to work for what is good and just. She believes that all people want to help others live with their basic needs met, including access to food, shelter, education and medical care. It is crucial for non profit agencies to explain their mission clearly and in a way that inspires people to give the best of themselves.


For pet lovers, pets are a part of the family. Mandy knows this firsthand because she has two beloved dogs, Annie and Finn. Writing about pets is both an educational and entertaining endeavor. People want to learn about their pets in a way that evokes the joy they bring.


Mandy specializes in understanding people, their love, their fear and everything in between. She knows that relationships are affected by an individual's upbringing and perspective and encourages self-introspection when giving advice. However, it does take two to tango. Having empathy for one's partner, family member or friend, and working hard to understand their perspective is imperative when working towards healthy and happy relationships.


Mandy has traveled extensively in her life, from the hills of upstate New York to the bustling city of London to the mountains of Peru. She has a knack for getting to know people and diving into the local culture. While she prefers to travel in style, staying at fancy resorts and eating at fine restaurants, Mandy is also capable of appreciating third-world countries and camping.


Who better to write about women than a woman who knows herself well? Mandy has interviewed many women about their personal journeys on topics such as sex, work, finances, health, relationships and home-making. She knows that women have universal experiences while at the same time every woman is unique. Her goal in writing to women is to help them live the lives they know are possible, and her goal in writing about women is to help people understand the beauty and complexity of this gender.


Mandy modeled in high school and understands that beauty is both an external and internal reality. She is well acquainted with make-up and skin care products, as well as how fashion, exercise and overall health contribute to true beauty.


Mandy has taken several vocational inventories and knows that passion for one's work is vital to a successful career. She believes that when one's passions meet one's skills, true creativity and innovation occur. Motivation comes from both internal desire and outward reward, and perseverance and determination are also crucial to having a fulfilling career.

Consumer Goods

Mandy studied advertising at Ohio University and has learned how to examine the relationship between a person's desire and his/her actual needs. She understands that consumerism is not a bad word to be associated with over-indulgence, but that it has a necessary place in this world where "things" contribute to one's overall wellness.


Mandy worked for an independent film producer in Los Angeles and learned firsthand the importance of entertainment in this world. From the film and television industry to the restaurant and bar industry, Mandy believes that entertainment is at the heart of happiness. We all long to be child-like and to feel free, and it is through entertainment that we often achieve these states of being.


Mandy is a natural born athlete, competing in sports such as tennis, basketball, soccer, softball, track and field and golf. She realizes that a competitive spirit is something to be admired and drives one on to success. But fitness is not only about winning; it is about relieving stress, maintaining one's health and setting the spirit free.

Green Products

Mandy's brother owns his own solar company, and thus is versed in the world of green products. The growth of this industry in the past several years is little compared to the growth we will see in the recent future. The more educated the consumer is, the more value he/she will see in green products.

Home Living

Mandy's mother worked tirelessly to create a home that was beautiful, comfortable and functional. She understands the value of home, that it is the place where one should feel safe and secure. It is also the place that houses one's most cherished things in life whether it be one's family, one's memorabilia or one's possessions. Mandy is excellent at appealing to the heart on the things that matter most in life.


Mandy's father is a medical doctor specializing in the field of psychiatry. She was raised to discuss both her physical and mental health issues and always to talk about her feelings. Mandy has also had three knee surgeries and is well versed in the area of orthopedics. She has no problem taking technical language and breaking it down so it is easy for the novice to understand.

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Summary of Product Experience


Mandy has presented her original work to hundreds of people over the last eight years. She has no problem standing up in front of large audiences and describing complex ideas in language that is easily understandable.

Twitter Post

Why say in 100 words what you can say in 10? People love quotes and expressing a clever idea in just a few words makes the idea memorable. Plus, our attention span as a society has become smaller and smaller in this world of social media. Mandy knows how to use twitter to her (and your) advantage.

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