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Faye has been a freelance writer ever since November 2010. She has written approximately 10,000 articles ever since she started her freelance writing career. She has written for numerous prestigious sites, including the Examiner and Daily Glow. Health and fitness are her favorite topics, but she can write about a variety of topics. Relationships, news, spirituality and education are some of the other topics that interest her. Faye has a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise And Sports Science, and her minor was in basic sciences. Her knowledge, experience and passion for what she does are what make her a great choice for anyone who is looking for a qualified writer.


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Faye is very skilled in the field of health. Not only does she have a bachelor's degree in exercise and sports science, but she has also written over 5,000 health-related articles. Diet, fitness and weight loss are some of the topics that she enjoys writing about the most.


Faye has written over 2,000 articles related to fitness. She knows that having a fit body is one of the keys to healthy living. Not only does she write articles about fitness, but she also offers free advice to people who are trying to lose weight or improve their fitness level.


Faye is very passionate about healthy eating. Because of her background in exercise science, she knows that healthy eating is one of the keys to healthy living. She has written over 100 articles to educate people about the importance of eating healthy.


Even though Faye has not directly worked in the recreation industry, she has still written over 100 articles about outdoors and recreation. She enjoys outdoor activities, such as hiking and kayaking.

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