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Christine has worked as a professional writer in a variety of capacities. She has worked on a diverse range of documentation products, for a broad range of audience levels, and successfully for a variety of clients. Christine has worked as a direct employee of companies as a business and technical writer and through third party agencies also as a business and technical writer up until approximately 2001.

Since 2002, she has worked on a freelance basis, primarily writing web content including sponsored blog posts. As a web content writer, Christine has written on a wide range of topics including articles on crafting, horses, educational topics, personal development articles such as goal setting, literary topics, cars and car dealerships, basic science topics, workplace related topics, and aspects of religious subjects. In total, she has written web content on approximately 30 different topics apart from book reviews, product reviews, and product descriptions.

As a technical writer her work assignments have ranged from corporate communications such as employee newsletter articles, human resources material such as policies and procedures, software tutorials and software manuals, corporate training materials, and management and feasibility reports. Additionally, she has fundamental editorial skills having held an editorial assistant position in her first post Bachelors degree job, and having learned basic editing skills as a peer writing skills tutor during her undergraduate career. Some technical editing assignments during her in-house technical writing experience further developed her editorial skills.

Academically, Christine's background is complemented by a Bachelors Degree in English with a Sociology Minor and Honors Program participation. During her professional writing career, she also enhanced her training background by obtaining a post-graduate Certificate in Software Technical Writing and successfully completing several professional certification seminars including Corporate Standard Functional Thinking and Writing, a structured documentation discipline. Having written a wide range of topics and document types and in a range of business environments Christine also has strong research skills. Her freelance experience includes successfully completing research projects as well as writing assignments, including both on-site field research and online research assignments. While Christine enjoys writing in all forms and would certainly enjoy further freelance assignments in any of the areas where she has significant experience, she would also like to expand her experience into two areas of writing in which she has not had an opportunity to gain experience, although she has some basic understanding of those areas from self-directed study. Those two areas are SEO writing, and short-form [catalog] copywriting. While she has yet to develop samples in SEO, she has had excellent peer reviews on a set of catalog copy samples she developed.


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Industry Projects

  • Career50+
  • Craft20+
  • Office20+
  • Government5

Summary of Industry Experience


Christine categorizes her strongest area of industry experience as writing on career topics. She estimates that between web content writing work and previous work in that area as a technical writer she has written approximately 50 separate pieces of documentation in that subject area: although it could have been more.


Christine's paid projects on the topic of crafts have all been in the form of web content. She estimates that she has completed approximately 20 paid projects in this topic area, writing on a range of crafts from sewing, knitting, and crocheting to childrens crafts for school and church projects.


Christine has worked in office settings in a number of capacities and has written both policies and procedures as well as web content about office related issues such as diversity, career development and workplace safety. She estimates that she has completed at least 25 writing assignments in this industry segment.


Christine has familiarity with the government industry through having worked in a number of government private sector subcontracting environments; however, most of her work in that industry was not as a writer or in an editorial capacity so she estimates having completed five paid projects related to writing.

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