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Kami C. thinks writers should be masters of several trades. Hers include high tech, education and counseling. Kami worked for corporations as a software developer and technical writer for twenty-five years. She created programs, specifications, test plans and training manuals. As technology advanced, Kami added new computer languages to her repertoire. After two decades, restlessness drew her back to her first love: writing.

Kami became an author and the recipient of the first Association of Literary Scholars, Critics, and Writers Fellowship, awarded to her for her manuscript "Little Lives." The fellowship allowed her to stay for a month at the Vermont Studio Center, an international artists' and writers' residency program situated in the Vermont countryside. She published two books: Ex-Rich Girl Tells All and What Starla Did.

Her love of writing inspired Kami to teach college students how to write essays and research papers. For four years, she taught at a community college in Oregon. Along the way, she met many students struggling with addiction and generational poverty.

Concern for her students led Kami to become a licensed counselor. She wanted to help them with more than their writing. From 2009-2011, she worked for a nonprofit agency. During her tenure, the agency needed to renew its accreditation. Kami, as corporate writer, updated the departmental manuals for Mental Health and Family Life Skills. She also created a manual for the agency's newest program, Foster Parents' Skill Training. The agency was successful in renewing its accreditation.

Kami thinks good writing is pointless unless it engages the reader, who is always asking, "What's in it for me?" The piece must answer that question early, or else the writer loses the reader. She strives to make her writing clear, concise and complete.


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High Tech

Kami has written technical specifications, test plans, user documentation, and training manuals for diverse computer applications. Examples include manufacturing and financial systems, as well as insurance rate quote applications. She also created unit and system test plans for programs written in Progress OpenEdge, VisualBasic, DB2, MS Access and COBOL.


Kami updated internal documentation, revised the agency's client intake assessment, and wrote curricula for parenting and life skills classes. In addition, she developed the training manual for foster parents.


As an adjunct English professor, Kami C. developed a syllabus, curriculum, assignments and exams for each of her expository writing classes.

During her years at a nonprofit agency, she created lesson plans for Parenting Class, Family Life Skills and Foster Parents' Skill Training classes. She also wrote sections of the departmental manuals for those programs.

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