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Solomon's skills were honed at New York's Columbia University. Completing a traditional liberal arts curriculum and earning a cum laude degree, he learned to write and, more importantly, to research and analyze. These skills enable him to not only craft copy within his areas of expertise but also to create fresh written material in any area, bringing both a honed craft and an outsider's eye and perspective.

Solomon's first content creation project was as a senior technologist for one of the world's first online graduate degree programs. From that experience, he built a practice designing web sites for not-for-profit organizations and small businesses clustered around the New York metropolitan area. Solomon was doing SEO for these sites before the industry called it SEO.

From that position, he transitioned into the Investment Real Estate business where he both served as a broker of small office properties and as the manager of a midwestern office for a large national brokerage. While doing approximately $1.3 billion worth of transactions, he wrote articles under his own byline for both his own clients and for local and industry newspapers.

Solomon is now bringing his considerable experience in two key industries -- technology and financial services -- to writing. He enjoys working with clients and using his own knowledge and research skills to craft useful, on-topic content that doesn't just score high with search engines. Ultimately, his goal is to help you score with your customers and prospects.

Product Description
Real Estate


Solomon's specialties include both white papers and blog posts. While he writes extremely well in the areas of his expertise, he is also a fast and capable researcher and can turn out even highly technical documents quickly and accurately.


Solomon is an avid reader, occasional photographer and lover of foreign film.


Columbia University

Solomon completed a B.A. in political science at Columbia. His thesis on the Clinton Administration's encryption policy was one of the first Internet-researched papers ever submitted in Columbia's undergraduate Political Science department. He completed additional coursework in Columbia's Economics department, earning a 4.0 in his Economics courses.

Albert A. List College - JTS

Solomon completed a rigorous core and major curriculum at JTS while attending Columbia University at the same time. Given the high number of graduate courses he took as an undergraduate, his studies are roughly equivalent to a stand-alone M.A.

Real Estate

541 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Solomon ghostwrites blog content for commercial real estate agents across North America, training organizations, software companies and private lenders. He also creates content as an award-winning and highly-ranked writer at leading content sites.

Product Description

100 Projects Completed

Solomon has written a range of product descriptions. Some are simple 10 to 30 word pieces for online catalogs. Others run into hundreds of words and describe extremely complicated and technical products used in IT or in high-tech manufacturing.

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