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Nick is a graduate student studying communication. He has supplemented his meager university stipend with freelance writing for almost three years. Before enrolling in graduate school, he worked as a debate coach, a financial advisor, and as a consultant for higher education institutions. He has written hundreds of articles on a broad range of topics including personal finance, education and test preparation, nutrition, fitness, and travel. Nick is dedicated to producing excellent content and meeting deadlines. He holds a bachelor's degree in politics from Willamette University


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Nick has written articles on a wide variety of topics, but he specializes in education, business, and personal finance.

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Nick worked as a financial advisor in Oregon before leaving to pursue a graduate degree. He specialized in retirement planning, but advised clients on a range of other topics including debt management, trading strategies, and portfolio diversification. He is excellent at reducing complex financial instruments and terms to easy-to-understand content.


Before enrolling in graduate school, Nick worked as a admissions consultant for a company that counted some of the largest universities in the world among its clients. He is familiar with a huge variety of education-related topics, but he specializes in writing about about adult higher education opportunities, college admissions, college entrance examination preparation, and financing college education.


Nick's professional experience in the business world as an education consultant and as a financial advisor have given him keen insight on the business-to-business sales and marketing techniques. He has completed projects in many diverse areas including project management software, cost tracking software, heating and cooling systems, and many more.


Nick is an avid traveler. He has visited 12 countries including China, Thailand, Vietnam, The Netherlands, Belgium, and Mexico. He is an expert shoestring traveler and is planning a trip to Africa in the in the year.


A longtime car junkie, Nick spent several summers during his college years selling cars. He is familiar with almost all makes and models that are widely available in the United States. He also boasts advanced understanding of the automotive financing and the buying process.


An advid fitness buff, Nick participates in a variety of fitness activities. Over the last two years, he lost more than 30 pounds of fat and tracked his progress online. His areas of expertise include yoga, cross-country running, basketball, and weightlifting.

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  • Article50+

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Nick excels at producing high-quality, interesting, and accurate blog posts in a timely manner. He is interested in a wide range of topics and is comfortable writing in any tone or style.


Nick has written articles on a wide variety of topics, but he specializes in education, business, and personal finance.

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