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Veronica has been a content writer and digital marketing expert for over 10 years. She has worked in and written content for various industries. This content includes web pages, landing pages, blog posts, social media posts, articles, press releases, marketing emails, tutorials, and more. Her most significant achievements include being featured on Forbes, having a viral blog post, and increasing the sales and ROI in every company she has worked for.

Veronica acquired her Masters in International Business and Bachelors in Marketing from Nova Southeastern University, as well as her Associates in English Literature from Miami Dade College.

Here are the industries Veronica is experienced in:
Digital Marketing

In addition to working in content writing and digital marketing, Veronica is a licenced Florida cosmetologist who has more than 8 years of experience doing freelance makeup and hair (as well as beauty blogging) on the weekends. Her most significant achievements include working for a local South FL celebrity as well as the Miami Beach TV's Culture Show.

Due to Veronica's love for fitness she also has an extensive knowledge in that. She has a nutrition certification from Shaw Academy. She also has a fitness-focused Instagram that has more than 40,000 followers and is growing everyday!
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Search Marketing
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Veronica's specialties include writing about Beauty, Make-up, Hair Styling, Hair, SEO, Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Link Building, Content Writing, Website Content, Jewelry, Finance, Debt Management, Credit Scores, Investments, and frugal living.


Veronica's hobbies include running her fitness and beauty Instagram accounts as well as writing for her blog. She also enjoys traveling and exploring National Parks accross the US.


Nova Southeastern University

Veronica Graduated with a Masters in International Business from Nova Southeastern University

Nova Southeastern University

Veronica acquired a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Nova Southeastern University in 2011. She specialized in Digital Marketing, Social Media, Public Relations, Marketing Research, Marketing Services, and Content Writing.

Miami Dade College

Veronica graduates with an Associate of Arts in English Literature from Miami Dade College in 2009. She took courses in writing, editing, literature, as well as psychology.

Futura Career Institute

Veronica completed 1200 Cosmetology hours and numerous beauty services at Futura Career Institute. She then became a licensed Cosmetologist in the state of FL and began providing hair styling and make-up services, and writing beauty articles.


10,031 Projects Completed

Veronica is an expert is marketing. Having worked for multiple companies providing marketing and digital marketing services, she has obtained extensive experience in market research, marketing techniques, marketing analysis, and much more. She has written articles, blog posts, and web pages for hundreds of marketing companies including her own. She has consistently provided informative and high-quality content pieces for the marketing industry.


314 Projects Completed

Veronica has an MBA with a focus on International Business, as well as a Bachelor in Marketing. She has started a successful marketing business as well as a dental supplies company, in addition to working with various companies to help increase profits. She has experience in market research & analysis, growth strategies for businesses in various industries. She has written over 300 pieces of business-related content that have been published throughout the past 10 years.

Search Marketing

304 Projects Completed

Veronica S. has been working as a digital marketing professional since 2009. She has experience researching, building, and following through with marketing plans on and offline for industries such as beauty, finance, technology (cloud computing & other), and more. She has experience marketing through social media, enhancing website seo, keyword research, SEM marketing, and content marketing.


189 Projects Completed

Veronica has written for multiple beauty sites, including her own beauty blog. She specializes in enlightening skin health, makeup, and hair styling articles. With over 6 years as a licensed cosmetologist, Veronica has learned numerous beauty secrets from other prestigious artists in the business. Her knowledge of skin care and beauty allows her to write articles that are informative and creative. She has also written content for multiple beauty sites.


170 Projects Completed

Veronica has written articles for web 2.0, debt management, financial, frugal, financing, and mom-blog websites. She has experience in writing about improving credit scores, financing big purchases, starting and funding small businesses, investment opportunities, frugal vacations, decorating on a budget, saving accounts, getting rid of debt, and many more financial topics. She has also written content for multiple financing sites.


169 Projects Completed

Veronica has worked for an IT company for the past year and in this time she wrote various articles, blog posts, and press releases about cloud computing, collocation hosting, and dedicated servers. She has researched about different types of clouds, how they are used, and what their benefits are. Veronica also as written information about software and game development.

Real Estate

77 Projects Completed

Veronica has researched and written about different situations where an individual may need to purchase or rent a home with bad credit. Many individuals are living with bad credit which is why Veronica provides detailed instructions and resources to help those who would otherwise struggle to reach their dreams of being a home owner or immediate need for a rental property.


74 Projects Completed

Veronica has specialized in writing about low to medium risk investment options. She has provided articles for multiple financial sites covering information on how much to invest, what risks are involved, new types of investments, what the risk versus returns are, and how to research investments before making a commitment.


31 Projects Completed

Veronica has provided ghost writing for career and job websites using researched and confirmed information. Her writing and research skills allow her to write about searching for work, putting together resumes, impressing prospective employers in an interview, following up on interviews, and on how to dress professionally for an interview.


22 Projects Completed

Veronica has written anonymously for travel sites about traveling to different states and even countries, as well as for frugal sites about traveling on a budget. Not only has she researched the best places to visit in each travel destination, she has also provided images, and price estimates in order to give readers an idea on what type of budget they would need to make these trips.

Blog Post

1,443 Projects Completed

With over 10 years experience in digital marketing and 8 years of experience in freelance writing, Veronica S. has written blogs for various industries. Her content is well-researched, informative and gets readers to engage. The industries that she has written the most blog posts for include: beauty, information technology, and finance.

Web Page

171 Projects Completed

Veronica has created content for various websites from the following industries: financial, technology, beauty, driving services, and e-commerce. She has written for over 100 websites and for each company she provides high-quality content catered to the target market. She has an AA in English Literature, BS in Marketing, and an MBA in International Business.


93 Projects Completed

Veronica S. has over 8 years of experience in freelance writing, including an extensive and impressive collection of well-written articles for various industries. Her articles are not only informative, they are catered to specific audiences. Many of her articles have been shared throughout the internet through social media because of the content, and some have even been featured in online publications.

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