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Timothy Y. is a high school English teacher with more than five years of experience in writing and educating. He has two bachelor's degrees, one in history and the other in English. He has recently finished his Master's Degree in Literature. This has allowed him to hone his research and writing skills in a deadline driven environment. In addition to his studying and teaching, he has also tutored high school students in writing for the ACT and SAT.

Timothy Y. has a year’s worth of freelance copywriting experience as well. He has written copy for various purposes, from real estate Websites to carpet cleaning service companies. He understands that clients want their copy done right from the beginning and how to ensure their valuable time is not wasted with revisions.

Timothy Y. continues to expand his SEO knowledge. He is aware that keywords need to be used to the clients' specified desires but also in an effective and action-oriented manner to help clients with their business needs. He is aware that the main goals for proper SEO is to give potential customers easy access to a business’ information and connect with the business to schedule services. It is up to the writer to find a way to implement the clients’ keywords in a smooth, orderly, and informative manner.

Timothy Y. is able to appeal to readers in a succinct manner without sacrificing appealing language. Clarity is the hallmark of good writing, for the purpose of writing is to communicate effectively. Effective copy takes into account the readers’ expectations along with maximizing the business opportunities for the client.


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Timothy Y. enjoys writing about real estate. He even likes to search for property listings in his spare time.

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Real Estate

Timothy Y. enjoys writing about real estate. He even likes to search for property listings in his spare time.


Timothy Y. has been an English teacher for over five years. He is well-versed in the latest education practices and products.


Timothy Y. has an extensive history within the hospitality industry. He has numerous family members who work in hospitality. He also has over ten years experience working in this industry as well.

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