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Emily M. earned a Masters in English at Rutgers University in 2012. She has since been pursuing her dual interests in writing and education. She tutors and teaches college students at a community college and is aware of the intricate political structure within the institution. In addition to education, Emily is knowledgeable in writing, proofreading, editing, revising, and researching. She is open minded and always happy to learn new things, often adapting her new knowledge into writing.

Emily has written many articles for various clients. The lengths and subjects ranging from breakthroughs in diet supplements to movie reviews. She has the ability to work with virtually any topic or text and create an article that is accurate, thorough, engaging, and well-written. She is also aware of the paradigm shift in SEO, and she focuses on writing for people not search engines. Keywords become a natural part of her prose, as she thinks of them as topics to address fully.

Her philosophy is to work for the greater good through her writing. She writes to solve or address problems, provide advice, explain topics in thorough detail, and entertain her readers. In many ways, she thinks of her writing as an extension of her educational pursuits and uses it as a means to reach an audience she could never have in the classroom.

Emily takes great pride in her work. She strives to learn, grow, and improve every day, and she is always willing to share what she learns through writing. She thinks of herself as a kind of explorer, entering new and exciting worlds and returning with information for future followers.


Emily specializes in literature, music, television, and film.


Emily takes a particular interest in education, especially adult literacy. She tutors at a community college where she serves many non-traditional students with varying degrees of literacy. She's an avid reader and a "Battlestar Galactica" aficionado.


Rutgers University

Emily focused her studies on literacy and rhetoric.


20 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Emily specializes in music, television, and film. She is comfortable writing reviews, summaries, or recaps of awards shows, etc. With her strong background in literature and literary criticism, Emily is able to transfer those skills when analyzing a film, tv series, or music. She's written articles for websites and blogs reviewing current and older films. In addition, she's written about musical subjects including the rise and fall of Nirvana.


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