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Ashley N earned her Bachelor's degree in English, with an emphasis in Professional Writing from Brigham Young University Idaho. Her educational background provided opportunities for her to write and content edit non-fiction, administrative, and textbook manuscripts now published and sold in bookstores worldwide. She has ghostwritten and provided thorough research for many articles on subjects like personal fitness and food preparation for medical informational pamphlets, online forums, and academic magazines distributed to several thousand students nationwide. Ashley has written and collaborated on over 100 articles and books with topics ranging from home and child care to basic car maintenance to emergency preparedness for online Websites and blogs reaching hundreds of daily readers. She maintains a personal blog with over 1,500 monthly readers with posts on numerous topics like good cleaning and children's pro ducts and humorous day-to-day occurrences. She enjoys writing in a casual voice and allowing her personality and wit come to life through her writing.

Her blog and other online writing experience afforded her a basic understanding and practice of Search Engine Optimization using keywords and carefully chosen images and links. Ashley's writing and editing projects have given her opportunities to work with numerous clients and successfully reach various demographics and interest groups including students, women, mothers, home owners, emergency preparedness experts, and administrative and business leaders. With her varied writing background, she can match the desired tone intended for a project, whether technical or conversational. As a writer, Ashley aims to work cooperatively with clients as well as inform, educate, and entertain readers of all backgrounds.


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With 5 sisters and more dolls than could fit in her closet, Ashley grew up an all-around girly girl surrounded by lots of hair and makeup. Her interest grew from playtime to real life as she watched tutorials, researched, and met with cosmetologists and professional makeup artists. Ashley has helped behind-the-scenes with hair and makeup at beauty pageants, photo shoots and weddings and has written guest posts on beauty blogs. She loves to research "home" treatments for her hair and skin, as well as find the best products to keep hair and skin beautiful.


Ashley is a mother of two, sister to five, aunt and babysitter: all roles providing her with countless hours of one-on-one time with babies and children. For two years she volunteered at a camp dedicated to helping disabled or behaviorally challenged kids come and experience things they don't usually get the opportunity to. Her writing has appeared in numerous non-profit parenting magazines and online family e-books with articles like no-prep children's crafts, avoiding meltdowns, cooking with children and product reviews. Ashley's personal blog allows her to chronicle the ups, downs and adventures unique to family life and parenting. She is passionate about staying updated with the latest research on parenting methods and toddler learning.


Ashley's love for gadgets and technology started when she was 5 years old when her dad brought home their first family computer. She has worked as a media and technology consultant for a school and continues to keep herself updated on the latest and greatest as well as current events on all things tech. Between technology-focused writing assignments and being married to a smartphone software developer, she lives in a very tech-centric world.


Ashley grew up in a food-focused family; a grandmother who runs a catering business, a mother who shows her love through baking and surrounded by people who love to eat. She grew up in the kitchen and takes every chance she can get to play with ingredients as an adult. Ashley worked for 2 years in a commercial bakery using gourmet ingredients and commercial-grade equipment. While working at the bakery she managed all muffin orders that came to the bakery, including catering orders and stock orders for 5 different cafe locations. She loves learning about and using healthy food substitutions to make secretly nutritious food. Her recipes can be viewed and searched on 2 food and cooking websites.


While completing her undergraduate degree, Ashley wrote articles which appeared in several campus print and online education informational packets, promotional materials and magazines. She also wrote and did extensive research while contributing to three textbook manuscripts which are now in print and sold in university bookstores on the topics how the brain learns, education administration and the history of American public school education.


Ashley is an avid crafter--even devoting a whole room for her crafts and projects in her small home. She dedicates a lot of time and effort in learning new, simplified and unique ways to sew, paint and paper craft. For 6 years, Ashley has worked with many materials including, paint, paper, fabric, wood and other forms of nature. She loves to tackle as many "Do it Yourself" projects as she can find. Ashley especially enjoys working on simple sewing projects for her two children to enjoy.

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Ashley has written posts on her personal blog for 4 years, gaining page views in the thousands. She enjoys writing in a conversational style and relating to readers. Aside from her own blog, Ashley also contributes to other blogs on topics like motherhood, technology and gadgets, household tips and tricks, beauty and baking.

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