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University of South Florida USF

Shelly earned an Associates Degree at Manatee Community College and a Bachelor's Degree of General Studies at USF meeting core requirments of the College of Education. Her studies also focused on many areas of academic discipline, including environmental science, brain based education, curriculum, human psychology and physical development.

University of South Florida

Shelly graduated from USF in 2014 with a BGS complimented with requirements meeting the BA of Elementary Education.


1 Projects Completed

Shelly T. has worked on projects and research papers for the College of Education at USF over the last five years. These were often academic papers in MLA and APA style. Topics have included:
Lessons meeting state mandated objectives k-12 in every elementary school .subject.
Research in various areas include: academic subject areas, brain based education, psychology, nutrition, learning styles, cognitive thinking, motor skills, learning taxonomies, virtual education and more.
She has had the opportunity to be creative as well as academic in her work using photography, video and power point.


18 Projects Completed

Shelly T. has been published on,, and Her areas of expertise on these projects have centered around parenting education based on research. Shelly's experience as a teacher and a home educator resonates with her audience as she accurately conveys complex research in an informational easy to understand format that benefits her readers.

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