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Jennifer M. has been working steadily as a freelance writer for 20 years. She has published both fiction and non-fiction in a variety of media including print publications and internet websites. She has also written pamphlets and other marketing materials for small businesses and not for profit organizations. She is comfortable with many styles of writing including formal writing and conversational style, and is experienced in non-fiction, essay and creative writing. She has written for many audiences including children, teens and adults.
Jennifer M. earned a B.A. in Sociology / Social Work and has worked with many groups in the community. She has been a vital member of teams helping the mentally ill, the mentally disabled, couples, victims of domestic violence, children and families. Her experiences have qualified her to write with knowledge about parenting, family relationships, couple relationships and other sociological topics. Jennifer has not only written about these topics, but she has lead presentations in professional workshops and conferences. She has also taught community courses in babysitting for teens and in finding the right childcare.
She is also interested in cooking, gardening, pets, art and travel and enjoys writing about these subjects. Her excellent research skills and love of learning enable her to write on new subjects as well.
Jennifer's background as an internet writer has taught her significant SEO skills. She is able to write web copy that is easily picked up by search engines and helps to attract to clients or readers to a website.
Jennifer is a home schooling mom and lives with her husband, daughter and assorted pets including dogs, cats, hermit crabs and fish.


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Jennifer M. has a B.A. in Sociology / Social Work and has used this degree in working with children and parents in the community. She is educated in child development and in the problems that face families today. She has written extensively on this topic, including articles on parenting, child abuse and relationships between family members.


Jennifer M. has a B.A. in Sociology / Social Work and has used this degree in helping various members of the community including victims of domestic violence and couples in a relationship with someone who is addicted to alcohol or other substances. She has published print and web articles on various relationship issues and is able to write both about serious topics and light hearted conversational themes.


Jennifer M. has traveled both in the United States and internationally. She has written about these journeys in print articles, web articles and travel reviews. She travels by airplane, train, camper, cruise ship and tour bus. However her favorite way to travel is a good old-fashioned road trip. She enjoys reviewing hotels, campgrounds and tourist attractions, and she loves to write about new discoveries in unusual destinations.

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