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Barbara is a person of super integrity, is socially conscious and caring for all human beings of whatever race or circumstance. Her research work in East Africa provided her with first hand experience of man's inhumanity to man, and the need for all persons of conscience to work towards bettering the world we live in. Barbara offers her services to any/all organizations which subscribe to this philosophy.

As a writer, evaluator and researcher, who managed her own consulting company for 9 years, the main focus of her work being displacement of people internationally, and integration into new societies to lead worthwhile lives, her experience is prolific in human and environmental topics. She is reliable and conscientious in completing assignments as a freelance writer, which is now her present vocation.


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Research in the work presented covers the inadequacies within the Canadian Government's Justice System with regard violence in the home. These facts were presented in a report on the subject.

Industry Projects

  • Health10+
  • Non Profit10+
  • Politics10+
  • Women10+
  • Government10+
  • Spirituality8
  • Travel6
  • Education6
  • Green Living6
  • Appliance5
  • Food5
  • Electronics4

Summary of Industry Experience


Health and wellness were an integral part of work done as a Consultant. Mental health is particularly important to maintain physical well being, as all factors to attain and maintain good health for people with various diseases were taken into consideration. Essential in maintaining overall good wellness are: safe housing, medical care, education, safety, employment, acceptance into society and respect for oneself and others.

Non Profit

Before working as a consultant, non-profits were the areas in which employment took place for myself as a Social Worker and Supportive Housing Coordinator. This experience covers a period of 20 years, as a result my knowledge base is extensive, and writing grant proposals, papers of various types dealing with non-profit policies and services took place regularly in this period.


Research in the work presented covers the inadequacies within the Canadian Government's Justice System with regard violence in the home. These facts were presented in a report on the subject.


Women, their history and lives have been important in work done over the years by myself. As such, several papers and research projects have taken place on various phases of women's lives, their health, living conditions and challenges. Ways to improve the situation of women who are uneducated, those with health issues, or living in poverty. In keeping with assessments and findings that were methodically done women and children have been the topic of many written documents.


Working as a consultant involved government and their agencies to a great extent. This work was highly paid, for the most part they were evaluation projects to assess how efficiently government dollars were being spent in each evaluation project.


Spirituality has become a favourite topic in the past five years on which to write. While still on the learning curve in this area, opportunities to improve and expand are of great interest in improving a writing career.


Travel is a favourite hobby, as a result assignments in learning about new places and writing about them are of interest. This area has developed with free lancing as a writer.


Having been a trainer, part-time college lecturer and workshop moderator, all aspects of education are natural subjects to write about.
Areas of expertise cover curriculum writing in Social Science and Lifeskills topics, establishing rules and regulations for student bodies and preparing lesson plans.

Green Living

Writing in this subject has been in the role of advocate for green healthy living, particularly for the people who work on farms to produce items that are sold in stores. The advocacy is for wage increases and living conditions for workers in the green living industry.


With a research background, this has not been a great challenge for me. Appliances are also in kitchens, around the home and dealing with break downs and fixing these gives an overall understanding of a wide variety of problems that can arise, also how to fix these.


Basically, work done in this area has been research on food offered in various countries around the world. This involves describing local meals, and how well received these dishes were by the visitors to various countries, also levels of nutrition involved.


Writing on electronics has been done quite regularly in my free lance work. This has turned out to be extremely informative and beneficial as a method for learning various modern technologies as this topic, was not of much interest to me in the past.

Product Projects

  • Grant/Proposal10+

Summary of Product Experience


Having written many grant proposals, with a success rate of about 55%, this area is very familiar in my history and skills.

This area also includes Letters of Intent in order that the organization being represented be selected as a contender for the funds being offered.

Once the grant has been given, then evaluation of the progress and submitting monthly reports can take place if requested by the funder.

A final report at the end of the project is also required, this has been completed by myself after assessing and analyzing the results.

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