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Cheryl writes for several websites as well as for a few private individuals with advertising businesses. She has an ebook published online and has done some ghostwriting for ebooks as well. She writes SEO articles as well as content articles and has provided articles for website building.

She enjoys creative writing and writing that is centered around the home such as cooking, crafts, recipes, weddings, hosting bridal or baby showers as well.


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Industry Projects

  • Home Living100+
  • Food100+
  • Travel50+
  • Hobby50+

Summary of Industry Experience

Home Living

Cheryl enjoys writing articles, ebooks, cook books or any material that involves cooking. She has many years of experience in home making therefore making it an easy subject for her.


Cheryl enjoys writing about food, recipes, restaurants etc. She has ghost written two cook books and has produced a family cook book for her family.


Cheryl can produce travel articles that will make any place seem like the best place to be. She has written for several websites and has a successful outcome with travel articles whether they are SEO or content.


Cheryl has an ebook available online that demonstrates some upscale crafting techniques that are useful for bridal showers, baby showers, weddings and other events.

Product Projects

  • Direct Mail20+

Summary of Product Experience

Direct Mail

Cheryl has performed several direct mail article request for a marketing and advertising company from the state of Georgia and has never had a rejection. She has however done some revisions at the client's request.

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