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Kelly T. is a busy executive in the performing arts industry who applies the passion of her work life to the passions of her avocations. Her journey from non-runner to Boston Marathon qualifier was featured in an article by an entrepreneurial magazine and inspired her long-running blog dedicated to life's many passions. Kelly is a seasoned 24-year nonprofit executive and writes on business leadership as easily as on sports or entertainment. With a degree in communications and journalism, she takes the written word seriously and is at home with all aspects of writing including online SEO enabled content, writing for print, radio and television.
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Kelly specializes in writing about leadership, transitions, life's passions as well as being willing to try almost anything once. She has spent over 26 years in the world of arts and entertainment, is a specialist in the nonprofit field, a competitive marathon runner and has successfully raised a daughter that doesn't hate her (yet).


Kelly is a competitive marathoner (Boston Qualifier 2010-2012), triathlete, obstacle course/mud run survivor, cyclist, classically trained dancer, and a part-time poet. When she isn't writing, she is either enjoying a live performance, reading a book, or embarking upon a new challenge.


University of Washington

Kelly T graduated with a BA in Communications and was placed on the Dean's List for exceptional academic achievement. Additional course work included a full pre-med curriculum, as well as study in dance, fine art, and design.

Evans School of Public Affairs -- University of Washington

Kelly T completed a graduate level intensive program specifically geared for the nonprofit executive.


24 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Kelly is a busy executive who applies the passion of her work life to the passions of her avocations. Her journey from non-runner to Boston Marathon qualifier was chronicled in several articles on various online magazines as well as through her blog. Since then, she has run five marathons, set personal bests in the 5K, 10K, and half-marathon distances and is still shocked and surprised when she finishes in the top ten of her division.


12 Projects Completed

Kelly T. is an experienced writer that has spent over 27 years in the arts and entertainment field. As a communications specialist she is well-versed in writing on popular culture, the performing arts, and the impact of celebrity. She is comfortable writing for all media including online, social media, and traditional media. She is well versed in blogging as well as writing in 2nd and 3rd person.

Non Profit

5 Projects Completed, Elite Badge Awarded

Kelly is a savvy, thoughtful woman dedicated to personal achievement through creativity, curiosity, and imagination. She was selected as a 2011 Women of Influence by a prominent business publication and is a sought-after speaker and strategist on linking creativity with passion. She has written on leadership and has chaired numerous boards and initiatives. She is an adjunct professor for a prominent Masters of Leadership in the Arts program and has written, blogged or served at guest commentator for both online forums, magazines, and sector publications.She also is a 2011 graduate of a Nonprofit Executive Leadership Institute.


3 Projects Completed

Kelly T. has written for a variety of online publications on what it takes to be a modern, successful woman. With a fun, witty, and no-nonsense style she has written on beauty for dailyglow.com, blogher.com, and Yahoo! She is equally comfortable with "how to" articles as well as product reviews and celebrity tracking. With training as a journalist, she often writes authoritative articles citing the latest trends and research.

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Kelly has a longstanding blog that chronicled her journey from non-runner to Boston Marathon qualifier. Her blog is hosted on Redroom.com, a site for serious writers invested in quality content. She has also written for authoritative blogs on audience engagement, cultural access and nonprofit leadership in her role as a top executive in the nonprofit field. You can find her work on ArtsJournal.com, ProjectAudience.org, and Blogher.com.


13 Projects Completed

Kelly has a writing style that is friendly, yet authoritative. She writes from a place of curiosity and intent with well-researched content as a framework. She is equally at home with online content as she is with traditional print. She has written articles for Vogue Knitting, Yahoo!, STACK media, as well as ArtsJournal.com.


5 Projects Completed

Kelly is a top executive in the nonprofit field and has written, edited, and secured millions of dollars in grants from private foundations, governmental entities and corporate giving programs. She has also written grants for educational purposes including classroom grants, PTA funding requests, and public school foundation grants. Kelly has secured funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Wallace Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts, Paul G. Allen Foundation, Bellevue Schools Foundation, and Opera America.

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