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Constance Y. graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Communications-Print Journalism. While there, she also studied screenwriting and documentary filmmaking.

She has written eleven original screenplays and currently works as a freelance writer. She became experienced with SEO while working for an online news site.

She also shoots and edits her own photos and video. Her favorite writing topics are Detroit, the Detroit Fire Department, Film, Screenwriting, nutrition and health, gardening and politics.


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Summary of Industry Experience


Constance Y. has worked for her local newspaper, as well as an online local news site. She generally has done feature stories about people and events. Some of her most notable stories were on the Detroit Fire Department and another on a local Recovery House for former addicts.


Constance Y. has taught screenwriting and worked as an script editor and consultant.
Her in depth knowledge of screenwriting as a craft, has motivated many screenwriters into taking her class over and over.
She has worked as a Reader for two production companies, as well as doing private consultations and editing.

Non Profit

Constance Y. has spent five years documenting the vacant home/arson problem in the city of Detroit. Through film, interviews, photographs and writing, she has documented the self-destruction of a major city in the United States.

Her 50 minute documentary on Youtube has over 170,000 views.
Two published articles on the subject have also received a lot of attention and praise for accuracy and knowledge on the subject.

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