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In 2012 Luke S. branched out from bar management and songwriting to professional web content writing. In addition to 8 studio albums of punk rock and folk music, he has written dozens of SEO articles on subjects ranging from workplace integrity to LED light bulbs to indie rock music. He self-published a collection of poetry in 1993 call The Thief in the Night. He is currently writing a novel about being raised religious in violent and unpredictable Albuquerque, New Mexico. Luke S. has also been a staff writer for Modern Drunkard Magazine since 2001. His articles have covered a broad range of topics from tipping etiquette, to breakup recovery to boozing through the holidays.

Luke S. has considerable experience in keyword research. He uses specialized software to determine which keywords for a certain product or service are being searched the most while being marketed to the least. The two programs he uses are Keyword Evolution and Market Samurai. These tools along with a natural knack to orchestrate words have allowed him to submit numerous quality SEO articles to the satisfaction of his clients.

Prior to writing as a career, Luke S. spent over 17 years in the service industry which allowed him to develop an affinity for managing and maintaining healthy interpersonal work relationships. This experience also gave him valuable insight into the ways in which profit and loss are affected by employee morale, as well as a vast knowledge of saloon etiquette and mixologist lore.

Additionally, he has performed live with his rock band, and as a solo act hundreds of times. He has played in many settings nationwide including large theaters, dive bars and coffee shops.

Luke S. adheres to a personal philosophy that observes a stern code of self-reliance, personal integrity and hard work. His many years of martial arts experience has given him the discipline necessary to be a self-starter who enjoys a life of self-employment. Luke S. has 21 years of training. He holds a black belt in American Kenpo Karate, which is a derivative of Chinese Kung Fu. His main area of study involves kickboxing and combat sports.

Luke S. has owned and operated several different businesses ranging from primary care veterinary clinics, to bars, restaurants and martial arts schools. This experience has given him a keen appreciating for the simplicity of working online as opposed to a "brick and mortar" business that carries a high overhead. Lightweight and streamlined wins over big, clunky and inefficient. Having operated small and medium-sized businesses, life as a one-man army is a welcome change.
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