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Andrea earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from Oregon State University and is currently working on her Master's Degree in Mental Health Counseling. She has access to a full academic library for research purposes and has a keen eye for detail. She is a native English speaker and is fluent in all things APA. Her scope of knowledge ranges from health and fitness, to mechanical engineering and toxicology. She has written many academic articles and blog posts, both for herself and for clients, making her experienced in the fields of research and writing.
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Andrea specializes in academic work, including theses, essays, and Capstone projects. She prides herself not only in her writing ability, but also in the customer service she provides to her clients.


Andrea enjoys hiking, reading, watching documentaries on a variety of topics including religion, psychology, history, and medicine. She also enjoys researching new topics.


Oregon State University

Andrea completed her degree with an emphasis on abnormal psychology, but due to the nature of the degree and university policy, she took a variety of courses, including toxicology, health and nutrition, and statistics.

Capella University

Andrea is currently attending Capella University, where she is pursuing her MS in Mental Health Counseling, with a desire to complete her PhD in psychology.


20 Projects Completed

Andrea has provided brief SEO articles for car rentals in various locations including airports and train stations. She provides important information in a way that makes it personable and interesting.

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7 Projects Completed

Andrea has lent her expertise in psychology and mental health to a variety of articles and clients. Her extensive knowledge base is combined with an approachable, yet informative writing style, suitable for many outlets.


5 Projects Completed

Andrea has worked for numerous freelance sites, offering academic papers, APA reference corrections, and research on topics ranging from autism to dance and movement therapy. Additionally, she has worked on several Capstone assignments for clients, where she has received numerous 5-star reviews. She has also helped to revise thesis projects, including one on turbojet engines as well as one on psychiatric day hospitals in Ireland.


3 Projects Completed

Andrea has supplied articles for a variety of clients in the field of nutrition. Some of the topics include the importance of correct nutrition during sports, life stages, and how the lack of proper nutrition can lead to obesity.


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