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This writer specializes in online marketing, SEO and drawing traffic to your website through quality article and blog writing. With over 12 years of experience as an internet content, blog and research writer, her experience will bring page hits to your site, creating buyers out of visitors!


Writes content articles, marketing articles, blogs, white papers and Facebook and Twitter posts.


She loves to travel, read, loves writing, playing the piano and singing. Her work experience includes the insurance industry, Counseling, Social Work and Education, with a special interest in Youth Development and Special Education.


Eastern Illinois University

Dahloan completed her Bachelor's of Science degree in Psychology.


57 Projects Completed

Worked for insurance company in health and dental areas for 2 years. Was also a certified insurance agent. Have written around 20 articles on the subject for numerous online sites.


50 Projects Completed

As a past Special Education, Reading and Pre K teacher, this writer has hands on experience in the field. In addition, she has been published on numerous online sites and share both educational information from a teacher's perspective and from that of a learner.


27 Projects Completed

This writer loves to travel and have been to 3 countries and over 30 states. She loves to cruise or fly to destinations and loves to share inexpensive, but fun vacation ideas for individuals and families. She has written over 30 articles on the subject.


22 Projects Completed

As a life long pet owner including birds,fish, cats, dogs, squirrels and hamsters this writer loves to share how to care for pets, novel pet items and other information for pet owners and lovers. She has over 30 articles written on the subject. This writer also specialized in writing about feral pets and care of them, as she has taken care of several feral cats over the years.


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