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***Katelynne is currently only accepting solo orders from clients who will work with her at the 6-star pay level, with a preferred starting rate of 30 CPW. Her rates for rush work (anything less than two full business days) start at 35 CPW. Please send her a direct message to discuss custom rates.***

Katelynne is a writer, an editor, and a content consultant and would love to help you with everything from basic SEO blogs and informational articles to social media posts and product descriptions. She also dabbles in data entry, project management, and content strategy, but her favorite thing to do is make clients happy. "As a digital native and professional writer, I love helping clients achieve their goals and bring their ideas to life through expertly written, high-quality content," says Katelynne.

Experienced in the marketing, education, personal finance, and parenting industries, Katelynne has been working as a full-time copywriter and editor since 2011. She has written content for Fortune 500 companies, independent law firms, indie publishers, small-business owners, and mainstream websites. She specializes in the following topics but is always up for a new challenge:

Single parenting
Natural parenting
Divorce and coparenting
Career advice
Celebrities and entertainment
Personal finance
Family law

Her work includes thousands of e-commerce product and category descriptions, as well as short blog posts and longer articles on legal, financial, and lifestyle topics. Katelynne's unique voice and well-researched content keep clients coming back for more.

After writing, Katelynne's second love — okay, maybe it's a tie — is editing, and she takes pride in making good content great. She specializes in the mechanics of grammar and delivering strong marketing content without fluff. Her writing colleagues call her "The Comma Queen," and she regularly writes how-to blogs dealing with both the strategy and mechanics behind stellar copywriting. She also mentors up-and-coming writers on how to create stronger, cleaner, more engaging copy.

Katelynne's editing rates start at 5 CPW for basic proofreading and go up to 15 CPW and higher for more in-depth developmental and line editing. If you'd like to hire Katelynne to help you clean up and strengthen existing content, contact your account manager or shoot her a direct message.
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Types: articles, blog posts, landing pages, web copy, product descriptions, category descriptions, marketing copy, social media posts, educational content, legal blogs, conversational content, SEO content

Subject Matter: birth, pregnancy, parenting, breastfeeding/nursing, tutoring, online education, family law, personal finance, budgeting, fertility, health writing, fitness, entertainment, women's health, healthcare


Forensic science, criminal psychology, watching Netflix, thrifty living, ways to make money from home, online education, ancient cultures, linguistics, learning languages, animal care


Kent State University

Katelynne took a year off after high school and still managed to graduate with her class. She graduated summa cum laude with a 3.97 GPA (darn that one A-), and she was awarded the English Chair Scholarship and French Department Award during her studies.

She focused on literary analysis, business writing, and creative writing throughout her degree program, and she wrote her undergraduate thesis on the birth narrative of Frankenstein as viewed through the lens of Shelley's personal life.

She focused her electives on psychology, French, and the sciences.

University of Utah

Katelynne began pursuing a secondary undergraduate degree in 2020. She majors in psychology, with a focus in stress reduction techniques, cognitive behavioral therapy and clinical psychology. She maintains an A average.


10,573 Projects Completed

If you need engaging marketing copy that increases click-through rates and product sales, Katelynne has you covered. She has written tens of thousands of product descriptions, category descriptions, and buying guides over her career and enjoys coming up with creative ways to get potential customers excited about her clients' products.

She has tackled marketing copy for companies such as Under Armour, Staples, OfficeMax, Amazon, Overstock, Best Buy, Darice, and Consumer Crafts. Her favorite categories include baby and children's products, furniture and home decor, office supplies, and anything remotely related to coffee, but she's willing and able to tackle anything that has a feature or benefit.

She has also written technical articles for small businesses on how to use SEO techniques and content marketing to increase sales. Past topics include using content marketing to drive site traffic and how convenience stores can leverage pumps ads to increase sales.


3,186 Projects Completed

Katelynne has written thousands of legal blogs and articles. She specializes in family law — particularly child custody, child support, divorce, and support/custody modifications — and her work has appeared on law firm blogs across the country as well as sites like It's Over Easy. Topics she has covered include but are not limited to:

How to protect your credit during/after a divorce
Divorce vs legal separation
Using family apps to make communicating with your ex easier
Navigating shared parenting, both legally and physically
When and how to ask for a child support modification
Special support considerations such as a disabled child

As a divorce survivor, Katelynne enjoys bringing her firsthand experience to her legal content and jumps at the opportunity to write about divorce, separations, and dissolutions in a more positive light. She knows that divorce doesn't have to be the drama-filled process so often portrayed in the media and enjoys creating content that helps guide families through this time, letting them know there is a light at the end of the tunnel and a future ahead. At the same time, Katelynne understands that sometimes divorce *is* a long, drawn-out process and can also provide content on what to do when the split is contentious.

Katelynne has also written thousands of blogs on personal injury and criminal law and enjoys learning and writing about new legal topics.


116 Projects Completed

As a teen, Katelynne spent hours researching and trying out the latest makeup techniques and beauty trends, with varying results. While she may spend a little less time in front of the mirror these days, she still loves to play with colors, textures, and fluffy brushes and is always on the hunt for the perfect mascara. Katelynne has extensive experience writing about everything from makeup to hair care, including topics such as crazy awesome uses for chapstick and the best dry shampoo.

She specializes in amazing drugstore finds and DIY skin care, and she loves to write about natural products you can feel good about putting in and on your body. Her favorite beauty item is coconut oil, and she's such a big advocate of staying out of the sun that she's been dubbed "The Sunblock Queen."

Home Living

108 Projects Completed

Katelynne has lived in everything from a century-old farmhouse to a four-room apartment and loves to figure out how a space can be used most efficiently. She also has extensive experience with the how-tos of moving, whether down the block or across state lines, and how to make the experience as easy and pleasant as possible. Someday, she hopes to live on a self-sustained farm in Appalachia and spends her downtime reading every book on rural living she can find.

She's obsessed with Fixer Upper and The Rehab Addict and loves the original hardwood flooring in her 1950s bungalow. She loves writing about DIY home decor and home renovation.


73 Projects Completed

Katelynne's experience includes writing and editing a variety of informational content, focusing extensively on fertility, skin concerns (such as eczema and skin cancer), substance abuse, and oral health. Her work has been published by Colgate and ZocDoc, among others.

Katelynne knows that accuracy and tone are of the utmost important in the medical industry and always strives to take complicated — and sometimes scary — health information and break it down into easily understandable content. She also has full access to health and medical databases, including Health Source, MEDLINE, and Alt HealthWatch, so she can do thorough research in the most respected peer-reviewed journals.


65 Projects Completed

Relationships are beautiful, messy things that provide plenty of fodder for interesting blogs and articles. Katelynne has done it all, from dating and marriage to divorce and post-split dating, and she brings her experience and trademark wit to your content.

Her favorite topics to write about include:

Wedding planning
Picking the right mate
Post-divorce dating
The 5 love languages
Introducing a new significant other to your children
Divorce recovery
How to enjoy being single

She loves to come up with a new angle on relationship and dating topics and would be happy to chat with you about your needs.


64 Projects Completed

As a mother of two, Katelynne brings first-hand knowledge to the subject of kids and family. She's been in the trenches of sleepless nights, cluster feeding, and potty training, and she's *almost* thankful to have moved on to the tween years. She has had her work published on sites such as EverydayFamily and is currently working on an autobiography/self-help book about successful single parenting. If you're looking for content on how to handle tough topics like bullying, homework struggles, and how to set firm but reasonable limits, she's your go-to writer.

She also has extensive experience with the attachment parenting philosophy, babywearing, cloth diapers, and breastfeeding. She has an undeniable passion for encouraging, supporting, and reassuring mothers that they really are doing a great job despite what the Mommy Wars might have them believe.

She jumps at the chance to write anything related to navigating the crazy world of parenting and would love to help you create content that is informative, engaging, and maybe just a little bit irreverent.


37 Projects Completed

Katelynne has a passion for women's health, and some of her all-time favorite subjects to write about are:

Natural family planning
The fertility awareness method
Water birth
Birth options
Post-partum support and care
Post-partum depression
Doula care

She has had two successful homebirths and believes that women should be able to have the birth they want, whether that's a planned C-section or a completely unassisted birth. She's in awe of the female body and enjoys writing about common — and not so common — pregnancy symptoms and complications and loves to see people's faces when she tells them she ate her placenta (in capsules, but still).

She has helped women troubleshoot fertility charts to help them increase the chances of getting pregnant and has used the fertility awareness method to successfully prevent pregnancy for three years. She jumps at any opportunity to research, write about, and discuss birth and women's health.

Katelynne is extremely well read on these topics and stays up-to-date on the latest research, trends, and publications in the homebirth, post-partum, midwifery care, and fertility fields.


27 Projects Completed

Katelynne has first-hand experience in the traditional and online education industry as a consumer and an educator. She has taught for Kent State University, worked at Stark State College as a writing center assistant for 4+ years, and has nearly 8 years of experience working as an online tutor and mentor for Tutor.com.

She has extensive experience tutoring and teaching a range of subjects, specializing in K-12 math, writing, literature, English, biology, and beginner-level French. She was also homeschooled, has two children in a traditional Montessori school, and is passionate about helping students love learning.

She has written on the unique challenges of working as an educator in an online-only environment and has had her work published on TipsyLit. Her favorite topics include navigating group dynamics in small-group tutoring and how to take a non-directive approach to helping students learn.


21 Projects Completed

Katelynne is not a natural cook, which means she's had to learn how to feed her family well through good, old-fashioned trial and error. This makes her especially suited to writing about easy, quick meals for families on the go who still want to eat real food. She eats Paleoish and is familiar with the Primal diet as well. She has also successfully completed a Whole 30 and lived to tell about it.

Katelynne loves to bake and happily tackles any new recipe her family will agree to try. Her specialties include family heirloom cookie recipes, and she is on a continual search for the perfect cheesecake. Her trifles get rave reviews, and she dreams of opening her own bakery.

Katelynne has created blogs, articles, and social media posts for many clients in the food and drink industry, including topics such as wine rules that *should* be broken and how to properly fuel your body for better athletic performance.


18 Projects Completed

Not exactly what you would call naturally athletic, Katelynne hasn't let that stop her from pursuing her fitness goals. She loves Pilates, is a Bodyrock addict, has practiced Ashtanga yoga, and has worked the Couch to 5K (C25K) program ... twice. She's passionate about supporting beginners, challenging yourself, and not letting your perceived limitations stop you achieving your dreams. She's a firm believer in the "baby steps can get you anywhere" philosophy and brings her real-world approach and best-friend voice to all of her content.

She has written on everything from post-40 fitness and marathon training to HIIT workouts and beginner yoga, and her work has been published on sites like Fit Old Man.


17 Projects Completed

Katelynne enjoys keeping up with the latest topics and trends in the career industry and, being one herself, is especially interested in how the Millennial generation is changing the workforce and its expectations. She loves to write about telecommute careers and remote positions and can provide clients with first-hand experience and expertise on the many pros and cons of working from home.

In addition to writing about industry trends, Katelynne has years of experience tutoring undergraduate students taking business writing courses. She loves helping students realize the real-world benefits of learning how to create cover letters that stand out, and she thinks nothing is better than seeing someone take pride in their accomplishments after they've finally got them down in black and white in an awesome resume. She has also helped clients create from-scratch resumes, with a focus on functional layouts for those looking for a career change.


16 Projects Completed

Katelynne enjoys writing about, researching, and experiencing aspects of the entertainment industry. She specializes in TV and film reviews, popular music, and trending apps. When not writing and editing, Katelynne enjoys setting Pandora to shuffle and listening to everything from bluegrass to the latest pop tunes. She has seen every episode of:

American Ninja Warrior
This Is Us
Chicago Med
The Blacklist

She loves to share her passion for these characters and worlds in her writing and is always up for covering a new binge-worthy show.

Her game addictions include tycoon style games such as Farmville 2: Country Escape and Township, but she also plays Design Home and PEAK every day.


13 Projects Completed

Katelynne specializes in the real-world application of sound financial practices with a heavy emphasis on realistic budgeting and debt free living. She is extremely familiar with the Dave Ramsey Baby Steps and zero-based budgets and is passionate about being financially secure.

She bought her own home as a single parent at the age of 27, taking a crash-course in real estate, property values, home inspections, FHA loans, state grants, and the first-time home buyer's process along the way. She practices what she preaches and is currently working her program and plans to be debt free, including her house, by 35.

As a single parent of two, Katelynne knows that making ends meet isn't always easy and loves to write about creative approaches to living within your means without sacrificing quality of life.

If you're looking for a writer who's been there, lived that, Katelynne can help.


13 Projects Completed

Katelynne taught herself to knit, crochet, and sew at a young age and has always enjoyed the sense of tradition that comes with needlework. She is left-handed and is well versed in the particular challenges lefties can encounter in the crafting world. She's currently working on a queen-size crochet afghan and has dreams of finally learning how to knit her own socks.

While she's always up for writing about the fiber arts, she particularly enjoys covering the latest crafting trends and how to replicate pricier home decor items with a little DIY skill.

Product Description

5,195 Projects Completed

Product descriptions need to highlight the features and benefits of a product or service without overwhelming or pressuring the customer, and that's just what Katelynne does. She has written thousands of product descriptions, ranging from short 25-word blurbs to 200-word, in-depth pieces, and she has a natural talent for creating strong, persuasive marketing copy that reflects the voice and values of the client's brand.

Blog Post

3,257 Projects Completed

Most of Katelynne's work here at Writer Access comes in the form of well-researched, high-quality blog posts that engage the intended audience and provide valuable content. She writes everything from first-person narrative posts and viral listicles to journalistic pieces and authoritative, professional content.

Katelynne's portfolio includes ghostwritten and traditional bylined work in just about every industry out there, including law, food and drink, hospitality, fitness, lifestyle, marketing, home decor, parenting, birth, marketing, and women's health. In addition to her work here at Writer Access, her pieces have also been published at EverydayFamily, ProperGirl, Fit Old Man, and The Daily Glow, among countless others.

Bottom line: If you need a blog, Katelynne can make it happen.


363 Projects Completed

Sometimes a quick blog post just won't cut it. To provide truly informational and actionable content to your audience, you may need longer pieces that can go more in depth. Katelynne has written hundreds of articles for clients on a variety of topics including fertility, substance abuse, and the many benefits of herbal teas. She knows that research and SEO best practices are key to getting your content noticed.

Facebook Post

152 Projects Completed

Social media is a force to be reckoned with, and it's not going away any time soon. New apps and sites are popping up all the time, and businesses just can't afford to neglect mobile marketing if they want to maximize their reach. Katelynne specializes in creating social media posts, ranging from viral to informational, and everything in between. Her posts are designed to solicit current and potential client interaction via comments and shares and increase brand reach and awareness.

In the time that she managed the Stark State Writing Center's Facebook page, she was able to increase the number of likes and followers by more than 300%.

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