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Ryan M
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Ryan M has traversed the freelancing world with his talent and peculiar knack for writing. He has been a freelance writer for just about two years, and has been building his portfolio, expanding horizons, and tackling new subjects by the day. Though he is traditionally more than familiar with anonymous content mills, he is innately geared towards a competent company that pays their writers well and trusts in the content that they are producing.

Ryan has obtained a business administration degree, but since the day of his graduation, and even months prior, he has been establishing a foundation in freelance writing. Working forvarious unmentioned websites, Ryan finds a particular intrigue in moving to more concrete sources of writing. He has also established relationships with particular websites and clients where he supplies content on a daily and weekly basis. Ryan has never plagiarized. There is entirely too much respect for writing and the hard work people do to make stories and words come alive on the page.

Ryan M runs his own blog, which is a stellar way to experiment with different styles and reimagine what a blog could do with a certain personal take. The content is music, primarily, as Ryan dominates in reviews, essays, and cultural takes on this constantly changing landscape.

Ryan M is an experienced SEO marketer, a music aficionado, and an entrepreneur. But above all, he loves writing. No matter what the content is, Ryan M finds a way to make it work, doing the research that is necessary and perhaps exploring a new angle to a very familiar topic.

Ryan M is the author of three ebooks, and continues working on client-based and personal writing each and every day.
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