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Samuel L obtained his B.A. in history and has worked as a freelance writer for over two years. He lived in London studying graduate level research methods courses for six months. Samuel's writing spans a wide variety of genres and projects. He has written copy, blogs, and has addicted as a contributor to a popular music review website.

Samuel's philosophy is to listen to what the client wants with precision and detail in order to provide the most professional copy ever. He keeps open communication with clients and makes sure to actively improve content to gather more attention or sales, whatever the purpose may be.

Clients receive content delivered on time and Samuel makes this is personal ambition and guarentee for clients. If a product cannot be finished on time, clients are told immediately. Through maintaining these efforts and work habits, Samuel is able to provide some of the best copy on the market.


Samuel specializes in multimedia, technology, and fashion. He has visited and written about gaming conventions and offers a keen writing style on all of the latest technological trends.


Samuel is interested in a large variety of multimedia and pop culture. He enjoys listening to and making music. Samuel is also a big follower of fashion and enjoys reading fashion blogs. Lastly, he is highly involved in the gaming community and even acts as a social media manage for a gaming community.


Carthage College

-Wrote and presented a 4.0 graded senior thesis on the social class differences between Lennon and McCartney.

-Wrote a frontpage Carthage Current editorial on the college president's spending plans.

-Traveled to Puerto Rico and the Caribbean to study economics.

Kingston University

-Lived in London for six months and studied graduate level research methods courses.


56 Projects Completed

Samuel has provided clients with fashion blog posts and copy for over two years. His work includes writing product descriptions and developing written word to sell and describe new articles of clothing being sold in the fashion industry. His hard work and dedication demonstrates itself through a tone of positive excitement and product reviews within the industry.


24 Projects Completed

Samuel has worked as a social media manager for a gaming community, providing them with copy for three years. He has attended gaming conventions, made video reviews, and even been in contact with developers. It is his goal to write clear concise gaming pieces that excite and energize the gaming community.


10 Projects Completed

Samuel has maintained his own music and pop culture blog for over a year. He has also contributed to another popular music review site, in which he was approached by more musicians to write reviews. Samuel conducted interviews with popular rising musicians in order to write informative and entertaining music blogs.


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