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David P. has been writing since 1999 when he entered graduate school. He has published articles in major historical journals, on popular travel blogs, and with copy writing services.

He has a Doctorate in History and plans to complete a major historical novel in a few years. Having taught history courses for ten years, David is proficient at proofreading and editing writing.

David has now become a full time content writer publishing articles daily on a variety of topics. Though willing to research almost any subject, David writes most often about law, history, culture, religion, education, and travel.

Writing is a both a job and an art. A writer must meet deadlines, while also attempting to create something of social value. All writing should enlighten the reader, in some way. It is a responsibility of the writer to educate the masses that will consume his or her work.

In the 21st century, David believes, the writer will continue to be relevant, despite the rise of high technology. Some prognosticators believe that computers and mobile devices will create less of a need for good writing as consumers become more video oriented. These people misunderstand the power of the written word.

People want information. Without quality written content, the web will be worthless. It is David's desire over the next years to help create an internet full of quality content.


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David has spent over a decade in the classroom, gaining familiarity with the best pedagogical and diversity practices. His writing style is clear, concise and crisp. The reading audience receives the value added that they expect from an educational article.


David possesses a doctorate in American Legal History. He has published work in major academic journals. He also completed one year of law school, as part of his Ph.D. training.

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David writes blog posts on a regular basis for clients who desire content that has potential to go viral. Titles and subject headings that attract attention complement the clear writing style of all his posts.

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