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Rebecca is a professional freelance writer, blogger and journalist with expertise in travel, international cuisine, dining and health. She is well-versed in article writing, journalistic writing, web content development, SEO writing and direct response copy. Seamlessly blending keywords into lively, interesting content is one of her strongest skills, and she enjoys the challenge of making words come alive for the reader no matter what the end purpose of the content - direct response, direct sales, customer retention, informational or entertainment copy.

Prior to taking the plunge into the world of freelancing, she worked for a web design company as the Director of Sales and Marketing. This experience helped her to develop a strong sense of effective customer communication and still informs her writing daily.

Currently, Rebecca writes for a number of online publications and is a regular contributor to one of the largest community news organizations on the web. Articles she has developed range from keyword-heavy marketing pieces to blogs on cutting-edge current topics. She especially enjoys writing about the industries of her expertise, particularly travel. She has traveled extensively in the United States and Europe and has written hundreds of travel articles including pieces that require both personal knowledge of certain locations and intensive research to uncover hidden vacation gems.

She approaches writing with the sense that the most important outcome is to help the people in the audience-the readers- whether that means sharing important information with them, entertaining them or alerting them to products and services that can enhance their lives. Thus, in writing, her concern resides not with a byline, but with providing significantly meaningful information to the community.


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Rebecca currently writes for numerous online publications and especially enjoys writing about foreign cuisine and food history. She also creates original recipes.

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Rebecca's main area of expertise is travel writing. She currently develops weekly articles for a leading language learning company as well as creates SEO content for numerous travel companies.


Rebecca currently writes for numerous online publications and especially enjoys writing about foreign cuisine and food history. She also creates original recipes.


The health arena is a newer area for Rebecca. She has an interest in nutrition, weight management and healthful living and has written several product-related articles in this industry as well as a few pieces addressing specific health concerns.


Rebecca's main interest in the nutrition arena centers on vitamins and supplements, particularly as they relate to weight management. She also has extensive knowledge about healthful eating.

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Rebecca regularly writes travel and cultural articles for a leading language learning travel blog.


Rebecca frequently writes articles on current topics for a large web-based news organization.

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